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The Basement
A bit more Rooms for The Basement
Created 6 years ago

With that "Mod" you will get several new Rooms for the Basement

What is new in this Version (v1.1)
- 20 new hard Rooms

With that intial Release of the Mod you get the following:
- 20 new Rooms from Basement

What will come in the next Updates?
new Rooms for Basement
- easy Difficulty
- medium Difficulty
- hard Difficulty

If you like those Rooms write me some Feedback into the comments!


x 4

- 20 new hard Rooms

I think this is great if it works with the BASE MENT seed
hmmmm... maybe there is something possible with LUA ;)
Maybe i will have a look at this
Why they should be annoying?
I'm thinking that there need to be more rooms in TBoI.
But if you don't like that Mod, it's also okay... Or are the Rooms to hard for you?
Maybe a little ;) But Yoo did good job.
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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