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Demon in a Bottle
Temporary friendly demon familiar
Created 7 years ago
Adds an active item that shoots out a temporary one-room brimstone swirl that will attack enemies with a brimstone beam.

The beam's damage scales with your damage.

Huge thanks to Xiapher for the item sprite!
Thanks to Cathery for the item idea and feedback!


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Oh, this looks nice. But sprite could be more TBOI.
I'm not a spriter and I'm not going to hassle Xiapher about the sprite not being "TBOI enough", but if you get me a good sprite, I might use it instead!
I saw this on Edmunds twitter account, really good mod!
Press ` (the button under escape) after you enable mods. If that doesn't work, look it up for your keyboard layout.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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