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Wooden Cross
A holy protection trinket!
Created 7 years ago

"My faith protects me"

Workshop link:

This new custom trinket grants you the Holy Mantle shield effect at the start of every floor, which protects you from any damage you take, but only once. Once the shield goes down, it won't regenerage until the next floor, so long as you keep holding onto the trinket. Think of it as a lite version of the Holy Mantle, in trinket form.

To-do: Add to trinket drop list (Not currently possible with current tools?)

HUGE thanks to Cathery on Discord for most of the coding, whereas I came up with the concept/effect and the sprite.

Be sure to report any bugs you find!


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A good concept. I think I'll try this out later.
I feel this is kind of useless.
But so is tick so who am I to judge?
The Tick CAN be useful. If you're missing some red health upon entering a boss room, it heals one heart. It also does some other things. But other than those, it's useless.
nice idea man I hope beter tools while come soon. can't even add my own item too pools inside the mod folder.
Never mind after last update it is possible too change itempools now waiting for drop pool.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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