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Extra Consumables
Hold more consumables!
Created 7 years ago
The mod lets you hold more than 100 coins, bombs and keys.
You can carry an extra 200 coins, 100 bombs and 100 keys.

Note: There is no item, the effect is always enabled.

Coded to be easily extensible for other consumables, should persist between continues and reset on new runs.

The mod only works properly with HUD Offset set to 0, if you want to play on a different offset you'll have to edit main.lua to fix the coordinates.


x 21

- Fixed saved data not updating on new run

Amazing mod! A small one, but really good! Cheers -Shane
I haven't been able to get the mod working. When I launch the game after installing the mod it doesn't do anything and the game goes normally.
1. Have you enabled mods? Assuming you have afterbirth+ and installed it to the Afterbirth+ Mods folder, you still have to enable the mods.

2. Nothing special is supposed to happen immediately after you install the mod - you'll only notice the effect when you pick up over 50 consumables.

If nothing works, please check your log.txt from the Documents/My Games/Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+/ folder. If the game mentions loading main.lua from extraconsumables and there is no effect in-game, please send the log.txt o me.
This is quite the mod, I gotta say. I love how people are able to make these kinds of mods that introduce something MUCH needed.
It's great to see that people have found out how to make cool things like this already.
YES FINALLY! SOMEONE MADE THIS! But can you make it so it's like 999 not 50 + 99?
As far as I know, there's no way to edit the consumable text or draw over it with the Lua API, so this will have to do for now.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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