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The Binding of Isaac: Trump Returns
A mod that modifies almost every character!!!
Created 8 years ago

Once, there was an american boy named Isaac.

He lived a happy life, until 2016. Then Trump was elected president, something he couldn't live with. In his fleeting rage, he jumped off a building and was sent into a coma, where he had terrible nightmares of immense power and becoming Trump himself, all which took place in a basement where he was tormented by monsters and his mother.

Well now you can explore Isaac's worst nightmare!!!


This Character Mod Changes Every Character!!!

(Except Eden!!!)
The Tormented (Isaac) - Dr. Fetus and Pyromaniac
This is the main character. He was granted massive power but wanders basements and caves, being tormented by his mother and her minions.
Trump (Magdelene) - Yum Heart, A Dollar, Chaos, and Mom's Wig
The man himself, the one with power, the one who influenced Isaac's suicide. He also eats organs.
A Pirate (Cain) - Lucky foot, Paper Clip, and Roid Rage
The name explains most of this shallow man. He loves breaking the laws, his favorites are taking drugs and stealing.
Addict! (Judas) - Synthoil, Roid Rage, Speed Ball, Little Baggy, Mom's Coin Purse
This man has serious drug issues. Call a doctor, please.
The EVEning (Eve) - Whore of Babylon, Razor Blade, Dead Bird, and The Pact (She also permanently has black skin.)
Isaac had a girlfriend named Eve. In his nightmare, she's a nightmare.
Bob (???) - Bob's Brain, Bob's Curse, Bob's Rotten Head, Ipecac, and Pyromaniac
Isaac's best friend was named Bob, but he was crippled and sick, constantly vomiting, and he lived in a hospital. This is the worst thing Isaac's damaged brain could think of in his nightmare.
Annoying Crap (The Lost) - The Poop and The Black Bean (He also has a piece of poop for a head.)
This has nothing to do with the story, I just wanted to make The Lost a piece of crap.
Buff (Samson) - Synthoil, The Body
Lucifer (Azazel) - Has the Mega Blast head.
The devil himself, in his least powerful state.
The Knowing (Lazarus) - X-ray, 20/20, and Full Mapping
Ask the all-knowing, all-seeing goat wizard.
The OP (Lazarus II) - Gives Lazarus Brimstone.
The Gassy (Black Judas) - The Black Bean
Black Judas, Black Bean!!!
The Cloner (Lilith) - 9 Volt, Habit, Car Battery, Cambion Conception, Incubus, and Box of Friends
Derived of eyes, the genius called Lilith created clones to fight for her.
Another Crap (The Keeper) - The Black Bean (Also has poop for a head.)
Once again, just pointing out how annoying The Keeper is, this has nothing to do with the story.

How To Install:

1. Download the .rar
2. Uncompress
3. Put "players.xml" in C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources
4. Boot up TBOIA and play!

5. Heart my work!!!


x 12

- I put four more screenshots. That's all.

- P.S. Does anyone know the exact submission guidelines? I want to get the Seal of Approval.

Does anyone know why I don't have the Seal of Approval yet?
you should give Addict! PHD because reasons
He'll look like a doctor, plus he's so addicted he doesn't even know what pills he's taking anymore.
I'm not going to use the mod, but I think that this is hilarious! I love how you put a story/plot for it. And nice humor.
Double thumbs up!
you have pleased my eyes with this mod.... WELL DONE!!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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