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Better Hearts
improves hearts
Created 6 years ago
changes heart graphics to make them better.
-Fully Golden Hearts, more similar to pickup
-Dark [heart colour] outlines
-Brighter Soul Hearts
-Red Hearts look more similar to the pickup
-Eternal Heart Outlines
-Half Hearts aren't dotted
-Improved Curse of the Unknown heart graphics

see the gfx here and here

i wanted to upload a mod, since the has site seemed dormant since AB+'s release date was announced...


x 13

- Fixed invisible hearts

For me it lets doesn't show your Textures (no heartcontainers/invisible heart drops)

(Even if it is a fun challange, i don't think it's intended :P)

-> I'm using Afterbirth
should be fixed now, thanks for the feedback. Im not sure how it happened and how it slipped by the testing, but it's fixed now.
Nice! It's sometimes hard to see some hearts when you're just dodging around, and this helps.
April 10, 2022 - 10 months ago
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