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Divine Isaac/Isaac's fate.
Isaac starts like the boss one, expect not as strong...
Created 8 years ago
This mod is pretty simple.It changes Isaac's starting item(s) into:

  • Fate
  • Torn Photo
  • Holy Light!

BUT! it completely removes Isaac's D6 as a starting item, and he now starts with a half an eternal heart. This is not visible during gameplay, unless after gaining a HP up, or a soul heart. Picking up items before gaining a HP up, or a soul heart, or not getting the eternal to become a normal red heart, will kill Isaac.

The main idea of this mod is to replace Isaac, with a completely standard, basic character, with a divine, lore following Isaac. He starts out super weak in health and has less of a choice, but has more utility, and is stronger than most characters.


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you should make it blue baby instead because he is dead
Oh, nice idea. I was afraid that this is too over power, but then I read desription. Good job!
I remember trying to make a personal mod similar to this, with Crack the Sky as Isaac's item, and giving him 1 soul heart to work with.

Once AB+ comes out, maybe giving him Eucharist would be a nice touch.
Oh if only Antibirth worked for Mac OS X.
I'm talking about about Afterbirth+, which is about to be released tomorrow, and comes with new items. Eucharist has already been announced and explained (It's guaranteed angel deals every floor basically), but technically not released yet.

If Afterbirth+ isn't available on Mac OS X (Mac User myself), I'm personally crucifying Breadmund.
Oh, i'm very sorry for the misunderstanding. I bet afterbirth+ will be available for all at launch. Sadly i don't have the money..

But i presume it will work, expect the main menu graphics, because of the new character, and the new post it note for hardmode greed mode.
Look s challenging, might be worth a shot
This mod is made for Afterbirth only. It's not Rebirth compatible.
This seems really challenging. I'll use it the next time I play the game!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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