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Mega Man skin
Makes Isaac look like Mega Man
Created 4 years ago


- Reskins Isaac to look just like the blue bomber of NES fame!

Planned Features

- Tears that look like bullets in the Mega Man games

- Finalized character selection sprite (finished, seen in screenshot. WIll add in next update)

- Custom Sprites for items that change player appearance

- Correct name and new sprite for 'Player vs. Boss' screen

- New sprite for level transition screen

- edits to mega man's sprites (ear thingies look kinda awkward comparing side view to back view, inconsistent size)

- edits to mega man's sprites (front view added shading, looks smoother. seen in mod Icon. will be added in next update)

If there is anything you believe should be improved/ fixed with this mod, please tell me in the comments


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it needs a little more of work, but you're almost there, nice idea
It's so great that there is a mod that replaces the original soundtrack of Rebirth with the music from the Mega Man games. I'm in for a treat with this two mods, no doubt about it.
this is just XD ive seen everything now
I have the afterbirth DLC, and it works fine for me
the sprites of the costumes for rebirth
have a different assets compared to DLC ones.
if i use a rebirth costume in afterbrith,
it will bug the animation when i take an item-altar.
this sprites have the old alignment of rebirth,
and on afterbirth are BUGGED.
Looks really good! It would be cool if you would make megaman themed skins for the other characters aswell
well, Stoyan7771 is working on that actually (which is very kind given that I didn't ask him to)
Your mod is juste awesome! You're the first who creates a skin mod of Megaman! Continue! (Sorry for my poor English i'm French...)
Thanks so much for all the praise! This mod is an ongoing project, and I try to work on it whenever I can (although I'm admittedly pretty addicted to stardew valley right now, so it's progressing a bit slower than usual)
Hey i make tears for the mod, you can use it if you want. Yeah that's not finished but i'll let you make your mod
hey, thanks that's really cool. Let me know when it's done, and I'll definitely consider adding it to my mod if it looks good, and you will allow
Hey! That's also for you! :P
those look great! I recognize proto, but forgive me, who are the other two? also, do you have a full sprite sheet for each of them?
The others are Bass normal and Bass with his dog. And for the sheet i can do this. But for who is Protoman? And for Bass i have think he can be Lazarus.
Ah, I see. And the version with his dog perhaps would be when he resurrects (where he normally would have blood on him). I've only ever played the first mega man, (something I hope to change) so please forgive me if I don't recognize some references
No problem dude (If i can call like that)! Maybe for Protoman Cain? And for Roll Magdalène?
I don't have any experience with adding music, but I'll look into it
you can use this one i made if you want! i took the midi from mega man x and put it through some sweet electronic instruments.

oh cool, I'll take a look at that. The issue is more with adding the music into the game than finding music, but I'll definitely consider your offer
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