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Play as the Bosses!
Start off with Items that make you play like Bosses!
Created 4 years ago

You are what you Defeat!

What does this mod do?

This mod makes characters start off with items that make them act like specific bosses. Keep in mind that if you get items like Brimstone or Death's Touch, you will change them. But, it still is fun to have overpowered starts.

The Characters

Characters Affected:

Cain-->Infamy (Mask of Infamy)
Eve-->Little Horn
Azazel-->The Adversary
Black Judas-->Gish
The Keeper-->Greed

Characters Unaffected:

The Lost
Lazarus II

General Descriptions


Isaac's boss transformation is...well...Isaac. Yeah, Isaac remains himself but with one twist. NO D6. Instead you have Break the Sky alongside some nice Guardian Angels that will help protect you.

Items: Guardian Angel, Fate, Sword Protector, Crack The Sky, Holy Light


Maggie now gets the Gemini item as well as some speed ups. She also can now damage enemies by rushing into them as she has the Aries item.

Item: Gemini, The Belt, Aries, BFFS!, Speed Ball

Cain-->Infamy (Mask of Infamy)

Cain now has Isaac's heart which means you must protect with your very life, just like the mask of infamy. You also have the item Infamy which is more cosmetic and you also have Unicorn's stump, which allows to charge at enemies just like Mask of Infamy does.

Items: Infamy, Isaac's Heart, The Belt, Unicorn Stump


This transformation is pretty crappy, literally. You get Flush, so you can turn enemies into poop. You have a higher chance of finding pickups in poop and you also have Dingles' very nice triple shot.

Items: Wooden Spoon, Speed Ball, Butt Bombs, The Inner Eye, Flush!


Yep, Blue Baby is still Blue Baby, but now he's even better! Now, he starts with spoon bender and well as the power of flight! He also has Isaac's Tears as his active item, so use that whenever you want to cover the area.

Items: Spoon Bender, Fate, The Inner Eye, Isaac's Tears

Eve-->Little Horn

Eve has just gotten a little...little. She now has chocolate milk as well as fear shot to mimic Little Horn's main attack. And just like Little Horn, flying is a breeze.

Items: Spoon Bender, Chocolate Milk, Dark Matter, Spirit of the Night, Proptosis


Samson starts off with the Loki Horns, obviously. You also get BBF which gives you a fly that flies around and blows up enemies, just like the creatures Loki can spawn. You also get to keep Bloody Lust, which is pretty nice. And, to mimic Loki's ten directional attack, you've also been given Tammy's Head.

Items: Bloody Lust, Loki's Horns, Lucky Foot, BBF, Tammy's Head

Azazel-->The Adversary

Azazel has truly become an adversary. You now can get little friendly spiders, just like the ones that The Adversary can spawn in. You also get a complete Brimstone that stretches across the stage and it comes equip with homing abilities thanks to Spoon Bender, score!

Items: Spider Baby, Spoon Bender, Brimstone


With Lazarus becoming Krampus, you get Head of Krampus as your active item, as you might've guessed. You also get Mutant Spider which means you shoot four tears at once!

Item: Mutant Spider, Lord of the Pit, Head of Krampus

Black Judas-->Gish

If you get and subsequently use Judas' Shadow, you get to play as Gish. You get Ball of Tar which means you create a nice pile of black goop wherever you go, you get fear shot which makes your tear shots black just like Gish's, and you get Monstro's Lung in order to mimic Gish's main style of attacking. But what about when Gish jumps? Well, we got you a little book called How To Jump that might just help you there.

Items: Ball of Tar, Monstro's Lung, Dark Matter


Lilith just got a little more deadly! With this transformation, you get two major new abilities. You get Death's Touch, giving you the same attack as Death himself, and you get White Pony which allows you to fly in the air on a horse just like Death.

Items: Death's Touch, White Pony

The Keeper-->Greed

Oh wait, the Keeper is already like Greed. Hmm...screw it, let's just make him overpowered. With this mod, you already get coin tears right from the start with Head of the Keeper. And hang on a second, we're Greed! We shouldn't have to pay this much for items in the shop, right? Correct! And with the Steam Sale, you get such pleasures. Overall, just plain overpowered.

Items: Head of the Keeper, Steam Sale, Midas Touch, Bum Friend


x 55
Mask of Infamy should get contact damage, thats like his thing, that we all hated
Oh, nice. Great idea i'm really curious ;)
The Lost could be Monstro to give him that little boost in power he needs. Also give Dingle/Judas toothpicks or an item that gives you blood tears.
Suggestion: Give Mask of Infamy Transcendence.
Very Fun to Mess around with for a solid 2 Hours very Fun.
I like the concept, but maybe there should be that one overpowered boss? *cough cough Hush*
I think maybe they could do Ultra Greed or whatever it's called.
can add more bosses
the dingow are useless in this mod, its soo bad,
put the ultra greed in this mod, please!
ike for helping you
This is a wonderful idea! It could go a different way, but it's good!
my mod picture... yay? i hope it's not this why i was mentioned...
Well, I didn't want to take credit for it, so I mentioned you had made it.
I'm sorry, I was not aware you had made one of your own. I just started messing around and I thought of this mod, sorry.
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