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Improved alt. enemy designs (Outdated)
New version available on the Steam workshop!
Created 8 years ago

This mod is outdated, get the updated version here:


x 210

- Big update!

- Added Afterbirth+ compability

- Most of the improved sprites has been re-worked and polished

- Added a reskinned Drowned Charger

- Added a reskinned Flesh Death's head

- Most of the reskinned enemies now have their own death portraits

- Added a reskinned Gurgle

- Small improvements on the Blue conjoined Fatty sprite

- Added a reskinned Blue conjoined Fatty

- Added a reskinned Rotty

- Fixed the Psy Tumor's animation being too twitchy

- Added a reskinned Psy Tumor (Let us know what you think of the new design!)

- Small tweaks on the Black Bony sprite

You considered popping this on steam?
I'm working on that, actually. But this might take a while, I'm working on some extra features, the enemies won't be the only thing that are visually improved
Ooh, I'll be sure to keep an eye out!
Love the new designs! I was thinking, you should reskin the Corn Dips as they look the same as regular Dips but they have some tiny yellow spots that aren't easy to see if you're just looking around the room. Also, I do indeed love this mod. But it definitely has a greater use. It's amazing for someone that's color blind, as then they can tell the difference between the enemies that look the same. Also, the blind maggots look the same as the regular maggots when they're moving upwards. It would be great if you considered reskinning them! It's okay if not. Anyways, keep up the great work!
Any chance we could see this also uploaded to the Steam workshop?
Great job! They look comletly awesome ^^ Can I use it for Afterbirth plus?
Sorry, the mod is currently not compatible with AB+, but we're working on it
really good mod, loving the cool enemy designs!
hey dude, i'm sorry for essentially just stealing your mod, i've taken it down and learned from mistakes (at least i think). They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and i truly believe that this mod is one of the best. Im not really sure how to end this other than an apology, so im sorry for the drama and stress it may have causes. Keep doing great work. Much love
Wow, I was not expecting that. Thank you for understanding how it felt for me. I also appreciate the mature decision that you've made
Finally. I always thought that some enemies from Afterbirth look really dull. They look so badass now. Thank you for this mod.
Pale fatties should be changed too. I barely even see the difference.
Blue conjoined Fatty ? I never see that
Yeah, those enemies are pretty rare. One of the rarest enemies actually
I heard a rumor that Hush was supposed to spawn these monsters.
Yeah. I don't know what to think about it. I have a theory that these Fatties were supposed to have Hush-like faces, and the color of their body was supposed to be darker to match the environment of the Blue Womb and the Hush himself.
I'm quite sure that they're so rare because if you aren't strong enough to kill one. They are quite powerful. They shoot a homing Ipecac shot. I've only seen one attack when I watched someone play the new Pokemans challenge in Afterbirth+ where they spawned one.
great spritework! looking forward to more enemy reskins!
can you change the drowned chargers too
Maybe you could change the different creeps
Nice job with the sprite work! This makes it so much easier to identify certain enemies from each other.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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