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Isn't it obvious?
Why do you need to look at curse's description to figure it out?
Created 8 years ago

This is a mod that replaces every single "Curse of the ____" with "Isn't it obvious?"
If there's a question mark by your heart count or the room is dark, you don't need to check what kind of curse it is. Most of the time it's pretty obvious.

This isn't a cheat but it is a tweak.


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What if you have Curse of the Lost and you don't know if it's Curse of the Lost or your game breaking?
So is this basically the curse of not knowing a curse?
what if you have curse of the labyrinth and are unsure if you need to check for a second item room or not?
But if you see that you have a curse, it isn't dark, you see items and your life etc, you can think that is a curse of the labyrinth
you'd probably notice the fact that you messed up on the map later.
You can also know if it's the curse of the labytinth by pressing tab, you'll see that is basement XL, or the place you are. So, you know it's the maze when isn't XL or dark, you see items and the HUD.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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