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Rag Man replaces enemies in Greed Mode
Created 8 years ago
Created solely for the Twitch user HuttsGaming, this mod is a modification to Greed mode which replaces enemies of normal waves with Rag Man and his Raglings. This can be a very difficult mod, especially if you play as the Lost, as can be effective due to the addition that the Lost carries the D6. (this mod is my own)

Try this if you dare, you'll find that the Ultra Greed room carries 70 entities including 69 Rag Mans (as requested).



x 40
wish this was updated for repentance
How would I go on to this and install it? Thanks
Well, first you need Afterbirth enabled on top of Rebirth. Then simply extract the folder and place the contents in the resources folder I believe.
How about sins mode? Only the 7 sins and super 7 sins
I enjoyed this mode beat it as the lost dont remember which try but i tried it with the keeper i didnt quite beat it it was just ALL HELL but id say if u want a little challenge i suggest muffin mode its not that hard when you get an astronomically amazing build but the ultra greed fight Just Just holy.... But i really mods like this. And if you somehow can do one where only MASK OF INFAMY's that would be the extreme rage
Thanks for your comment! That's actually a sweet idea because everyone hates mask of infamy
So I might just do that! I'm working a second version of Gurdy mode atm though so it might be a bit
lmao. wait he didn't actually request that, did he?
seriously he did XD but he did do hush mode, pretty sure he could handle mega satan... you should make delirium mode dou
I think someone might have done it already lol
well then, rip every single isaac player lol
Hutts sent me, great mod mans its gud here is a red butt
lmao that's a good depiction. Hutts is great
dog you really should make it so you don't need winzip or 7zip or something like that so it's open to a lot more people and less confusing to people who don't already have those said programs
Makes sense, but the upload is faster if it's compressed and most mods are in that format...
pls do The Frail mode pls pls pls
Eh the Frail isn't that great honestly... maybe tho. A pin and frail.
"the Lost carries the D6. (this mod is my own)"

Just kiddin with ya. cool mod dood!
It is inspired by yours but not taken from it. I myself made the graphics for it and all. Tis no big deal really. Good idea tho
subsequent blood mod ah ...
-blood mode
-monstro mode
-gurdy mode
-muffn mode
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