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The Lost now starts with D6
As opposed to the D4, the lost will now start with the D6.
Created 5 years ago

The lost now starts with D6.

Why would I make this mod you ask? Well, because there is nothing like a "Fuck You!" than giving the Lost the D4 and the Holy Mantle.
I know, it is an extremely simple mod, but if anybody can figure out how to extract everything from the isaac-ng.exe, I plan on making much more complex and useful mods. But being that everything that is currently moddable is more of something the .exe reads as opposed to actual code.. not much I can do.
How to install:
Simply extract the file to your resources folder.
Don't know how to extract files? Get winrar or 7-Zip, and Google it.

(The color in the main menu is not provided by this mod. I just have it, and had to take screenshots.)

EXTRAS: This mod is being used by Hutts Gaming Channel

Also, I made the damn mod Ricky C.


x 93

- I fucked up the Description a bit.

- Fixing.

- I fucked up Description a bit.

- Fixing.

- Updated description.

- Yet again, I managed to screw up the screenshots. Let's see if I can figure it out this time

- I don't know how updating works in this, but there are 2 screenshots now.

- Added screenshot to the topic

- Changed the icon text from "The D4!" to "The D6!" because I had completely forgotten about it.

Would this work with Antibirth, or is this only for Afterbirth?
this mod won't work for me. I have A+.
Is it work for a+ cause since i buy the dlc the mod doesn t work
is there a mod like this for all characters?
I'm not quite sure. I guess you'll have to search around!
Somehow even though I could beat Mega Santa and Hush first try and same run with the Lost and D4, I couldn't beat Greed without this mod. So thanks for the completion mark!
Yes, in fact this mod is for afterbirth.
i tried but im confused in which file leave it, i followed this order:
Application support> Steam> Steamapps> common> Thebindingofisaac> contents> Resources> resources. The problem is that there are 2 resource files (1 with capital R).
I don't know why you have a resources folder inside a resources folder. Put it in Steam / Steamapps / common / thebindingofisaac / resources / HERE, PUT IT HERE
Thanks, and the reason of the 2 resources is because i play in a MAC.
D4 With holy mantle doesn't sound terrible enough for you?
D4 has never been more useless B4! Puns.
Better than having the D4 with holy mantle!
Are you a mod now??? If so, congratz!
PLZZZ HALP ME! i downloaded this mod and i had already had an XML "players" file so i deleted it (which i think this is when i messed up) and put in the new file, but now the lost does not start with Holy Mantle but it does start with D6.
I'm not sure what could be causing this problem. I've removed all of my mods, and installed this mod by it self, and I don't get any problems. Have you used any save editors / have you completed the game / are there any other mods that may be interfering with your players.xml?

Try(again) deleting the player.xml, then pasting the player.xml from this mod, into the resources folder.

If all of this is checked and dandy, but you are still getting problems, I am at a loss.
I forget some of the mods that are installed so i need to write them down, so i can remove the mods and see if it works. I do have a save editor but the lost is complete vanilla and so is every other character. I tried to reinstall it but it is still not working...
Im just gonna use my save editor, i dont know why i didnt in the first place... Thanks for your help though!!
Your mod's title was painted on Hutts' guitar! Amazing!
Holy hell. I just checked the update video. That sure does make me happy!
So you're a fan too? Nice! I remember you in one of his streams!
This is quite helpful, seeing as D4 is nearly worthless after unlocking the Mantle. Thanks for reducing the mass amounts of salt when playing lost.
When I downloaded it i didn't get the holy mantle with lost. help?
Hm. I might have extracted the wrong players.XML resulting in the 'unfinishd' of thr lost. I'll look into it when I get home.
can you send me a link of the finished version when done?
Haha, sure dude. Although I will probably update it on here.
oh! oooppppsss someday we will laugh at this
Yay! Both of our mods were used by Hutts! Good job on the mod by the way!
Does this mod actually work on mac?
I'm not actually sure. Test it and tell me
When you say extract the file to the resources folder up in the description, you just mean to put the .zip file in it, right?
(Never actually modded Isaac before)
Nonono. Get some Mac Zip Extractor, and take the files IN THE ZIP and put them into resources.
I'd prefer it if you stopped being a douche about death sound mods and just leave people like me alone.
I'd prefer if there wasn't an abundance of death sound mods, and that people like you could take criticism as opposed to whining about valid points. Looks like can't all have what we want.
I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If there is an unnecessary mod, or just a stupid mod, or a mod that has been done like 20 times, I will criticise that mod. You whining with the argument of "stop being a dick, god. I don't like it" is going to get you absolutely nowhere.
Yeah but you could at least try to word that reply better so it sounds less like scolding and more like legitimate criticism. The comment you sent before to me sounded patronizing on my end and that never causes change in my opinion.
I worded it the way I did, to try and end the argument. I suggest that when you have a complaint or argument, you don't word it in the way of "Stop making fun of people like me, just because we have bad and overdone mods1!!1!1!1!11"
My point still stands here.

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. If there is an unnecessary mod, or just a stupid mod, or a mod that has been done like 20 times, I will criticise that mod. You whining with the argument of "stop being a dick, god. I don't like it" is going to get you absolutely nowhere.

If you can't take the heat, stop trying to argue.
this is literally the most basic mod ever. It's clearly made with a character editor
Except that it's not. I actually take the time to change the markup text and make texture edits.
it's literally one change, who would use this
Apparently 333 people and a YouTuber that made an 11 part series (and counting) accumulating 110k views, and live streaming with my mod. There is a obvious liking of it, so I suggest you do not go against statistics. And, I examined why this mod is useful.
"Well, because there is nothing like a "Fuck You!" than giving the Lost the D4 and the Holy Mantle."
Wait a second. You complain about mods that only modify players.xml to give certain characters items, YET YOU MAKE THEM YOURSELF? You are the saddest excuse for life on this planet I have ever seen.
Now hold on a second, if you can do the most simple thing of looking at the mod, you would see that it does not only edit the player.xml. And I complain about mods that make characters overly OP for no reason. There is an abundance of them, and all of them have been done before. Mods like mine, make minor edits to the characters to make them better, not OP, but improved. Like legit:
>Give lost holy mantle
>Give lost D4
>Get fucked.

I like mods like this, so how about you get off your high horse and stop being butt hurt for me complaining about an abundance of "OP ITEM" mods.
And that mod is OP af.
Especially if you have Diplopia.
So basically, you're saying that you like OP mods? Okay.
It's not OP. You just said "It's OP if you get an OP item" which can be said for every single fucking mod. "Chud mod can be OP if you get brimstone and triple shot!"
No fucking shit. I am saying that mods that improve game play, WITHOUT making it OP, are good. Stop being so fucking butt-hurt because not everybody agrees with you.
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