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Hotline Miami Mod
Adds music, sounds, and some characters from Hotline Miami!
Created 9 years ago
(Resubmitted to change title)

Adds music, sounds, and a character from Hotline Miami!


Notes from the creator:

Music list:

Title Screen - Horse Steppin

Basement - Hydrogen

Cellar - Voyager

Caves - Crystals

Catacombs - Richard

Depths - Miami Disco

Necropolis - Sexualizer

Womb - Ghost

Sheol - Abyss

Satan Fight - Turf Main

Dark Room - The Way Home

Cathedral - In the Face of Evil

Chest - Roller Mobster

Boss Fight - Escape from Midwitch Valley (Trailer version)

Library - To The Top

Arcade - Musikk per automatikk

*Secret Room - "Beams2"

*Angel Room - "Requiem2"

*Devil Room - Richard (edited)

Death - Electric Dreams

Store - Daisuke

*Indicates a song that was cut from HM2.


Links: Hotline Miami 1 Soundtrack:

Hotline Miami 2 Soundtrack:

Hotline Miami 2 Beta Soundtrack:


Notes: I didn't do notes last time, but I think ill update this with every new release. It took me a much longer time to make the title screen for Rasmus then I will ever admit. I tried drawing it from memory, drawing it from reference, before just copy and pasting, then downsizing it. As for editing the graphics, there are still some things i want to do, but I did get most of it. I never really gave the graphics much thought when I first made this mod, I just wanted people to know what it was, without adding much detail to make it look like Rebirth's art style. In this character, I tried to make it fit in more by actually adding outlines and adding shading on the title screen. Some people will notice it, most won't. Thanks for reading.


x 42

- Bum Friend is now also a murder teacher (aside from a friend)

- Added a new character! (Rasmus)

- Changed some graphics

This mod contains:
Characters & Babies
Items & Trinkets
HUD & Menus
General Gameplay
я фанат hotline miami,спасибо за этот крутой мод.
я фанат hotline miami,спасибо за этот крутой мод.
I really like your mod however, concerning the Bomb sounds, it becomes quite easily annoying.
Nah, the bomb sounds should be louder, if anything.
Looks nice, add a 2 pixel thick line around each texture, it makes it look more like Rebirths art style. Unless of course you're planning to change the entire look of the game!
Yeah, that would be a good idea, I never really gave it much thought when I changed the graphics tbh, so hopefully for next version. (I really should get around to continuing your mod btw, sorry!)
It's all good, wait till I add more items so they're more likely to show up in a video!
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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