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Adds the song ocean man by ween as the end credits song
Created 7 years ago
So maybe you're a fan of spongebob and get the meme here? or maybe you just like ween either way this mod is probably for you (


x 40
make a version of this mod with the voice break. and i'd like it to play in the intro, when i enter the boss, mob rush ect. any special room really. oh and for afterbirth plzz
Not a meme but I fucking loved that movie.
I hate to be "that guy" but I'm having some trouble with this mod. How to i get it to work? I've put it with my packed folder but nothing seems to be working. Some help would be greatly appreciated.
did you put the mods resource folder in isaacs or the mods music folder in isaacs resource folder?
You don't put it in "packed" you put it in resources...
great finale to watch
after all, isaac is not water type, but really fit well the music.

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