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Rainbow D6!
3 Charge Colour
Created 4 years ago
Just adds a simple colourful border and had the original 3 room charge to the D6.

This mod is a Afterbirth Mod but will be updated soon to also be a Rebirth Mod if given enough atencion.

-A rainbow border
-The old 3 room recharge

-Put the {gfx} and {item.xml} into your {resources} folder

♑ Thanks for your time ♎

Mod Is Currently [Milestone (V.1.0/V.3.5)]

Reached Download Milestone:
-5 [✔]
-10 [✔]
[b]-25 [✔]


x 20

- Fixed Glitch that gfx file dose not work

- Added Rainbow Charge bar

- The D6 is renamed to The Rainbow D6

- Added Rainbow Charge Bar

- Renamed The D6 to The Rinbow D6

- Update:

- Now the Rainbow D6 has some gameplay changes:

- The Dice now has the original 3 charge from the classic (Now the Blank Card and Perthro combo is not better than the D6)

Hey, every one i would like to say THANKS SO MUCH for EVERYTHING this mod has passed over my expectation and all of the support on my mod
it looks like something hutts would use
Is the Mod for Rebirth or Afterbirth?
Thanks for pointing it out already updated the info
I guess you can say it was NOT in the cards with this recent gameplay change. And thanks to 162008 for the suggestion on the gameplay change, Thanks man ;)
And also thanks to all for the support and downloads of my simple yet dumb mod. I know 5 might not be a big number for people but i appreciate all of you guys
if possible, you should also make it have an increased chance to reroll into special items! but exclusively the d6 so it has an advantage over blank card/perthro!
Sadly this mod is only a simple reskin but love your idea, i will try to give it an advantage if i can.

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