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SUPER Binding of Isaac
Classic SNES tunes!
Created 7 years ago
(Afterbirth+ Version:
This mod changes the music ingame to various classic songs from games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!


    [Title Screen - Super Mario World: Title Screen]
    [Basement - Mega Man 7: Intro Stage]
    [Burning Basement - Gradius III: Sand Storm]
    [Cellar - Mega Man X: Intro Stage]
    [Shop - Earthbound: Humoresque of a Little Dog]
    [Boss Theme 1 - Kirby Super Star: Boss]
    [Boss Theme 2 - Mega Man X: Boss]
    [Challenge Room - Final Fantasy VI: Decisive Battle]
    [Boss Defeated - Kirby Super Star: Kirby Dance]
    [The Calm - Kirby Super Star: Save Hut]
    [Caves, Flooded Caves, Catacombs - Kirby Super Star: Cocoa Cave]
    [Arcade - Super Mario World: Sky]
    [Necropolis, Depths, Dank Depths - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Area 4]
    [Mom Fight - The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past: Boss]
    [Womb, Utero, Scarred Womb - Super Metroid: Brinstar Underground]
    [Mom's Heart - Kirby Super Star: Marx]
    [Blue Womb - Yoshi's Island: Room Before Boss]
    [Hush - Super Mario World: The Evil King Bowser]
    [Cathedral, Library - Actraiser: Fillmore]
    [Isaac Fight - Final Fantasy Mystic Quest: Boss]
    [Sheol - Mega Man X2: Magna Centipede]
    [Satan, Mega Satan - Yoshi's Island: Baby Bowser]
    [Chest - Street Fighter II: Guile's Theme]
    [Dark Room - Super Metroid: Brinstar: Jungle Area]
    [??? Fight - Wild Guns: Boss]
    [The Lamb - Final Fantasy V: Clash at the Big Bridge]
    [Ultra Greed - Kirby's Dream Land 3: Zero]
    [Devil Room, Secret Room - Super Metroid: Title Screen]
    [Angel Room - The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past: Fairy Fountain]
    [Game Over - Super Mario World: Game Over]
    [Get Item 1 - The Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past: Item Fanfare]
    [Get Item 2 - Kirby Super Star: 1UP]
    [Get Item 3 - Super Mario World: 1UP]
    [Get Item 4 - Super Mario World: Key Exit]
    [Get Item 5 - Super Mario World: Vine]
    [Penny, Nickel, Dime Pickup - Super Mario World: Coin]

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- Someone reviewed this mod! Go check 'em out!


- I tried to add some new files in the fight ogg folder, but the computer wouldn't let me. Can someone see if anything else is corrupted? I think I have a virus

- Changed Womb Theme to Burning Basement

- Replaced previous Womb Theme with New track

- Add Dark Room Theme

- HOPEFULLY fixed it (upload didn't contain new files)

- Added Multiple Item Sounds

- Added Coin Sound

- Fixed the item fanfare (I replaced the wrong sound effect)

- Added Zelda Item Fanfare

Super Binding of isaac it is good mod for change the classics and boreds musics
Does this mod work with afterbirth+? PLZ respond
Do you know if the current method of installing non-achievment conflicting mods (these mods) still works? This mod sounds amazing but I'm running into some issues. wondering if it works with AB+
Change the name of the packed folder to anything BUT packed, put this mod in the resources and boot up the game
Thank you! I had to do some new and probably un-needed file movingbut I got the crashing to stop and the music to work. Sounds great! excellent work!
Your mod doesn't seem to ctually contain any music,I'm guessing you removed the files? The pick-up sounds are neat,but as-is the mod mutes several game areas since you didn't include the tracks that were supposed to play there.
Really? That's odd. The music folder is gone. Let me put that back in.
I'm so humbled by the overwhelming response! Please, suggest some more songs, as certain areas currently share songs, such as the caves, flooded caves, and catacombs all using Cocoa Cave.
I think the Underground theme from Super Mario World is a shoe-in for one of the Caves themes. Maybe the dungeon theme from Final Fantasy 4 as well. Overall I feel like it could use some more 'chill' themes, though I like the fast-paced ones for a change of Isaac pace.

Other suggestions, I'm just throwing out anything at this point:
Super Metroid - Crateria
Super Metroid - Brinstar Green
Secret of Mana - Into the Thick of It
Zelda LTTP - Dark World Dungeon
Zelda LTTP - Dark World Overworld
Zelda LTTP - Death Mountain
Super Castlevania 4 - Forest of Monsters
Chrono Trigger - Undersea Palace (Would be fantastic for Womb)

I also feel like the Gradius music doesn't fit the Womb very well. It'd make a fantastic Burning Basement, though.
I got some free time, I'll get on that! And yeah, I've not played many SNES RPG's, only reason I have some final fantasy in there is because I've heard the songs before. I plan to play a lot of them one day when I get a better pc. I'll probably livestream ff4-6, chrono trigger, secret of mana, etc.
Nice soundtrack, I love the stuff you put in
Well, I just now uploaded a working version, so...
Should I add the get item jingle from Zelda LTTP?
idk what else I could add. I did all the songs
>Cocoa Cave

This mod is good. You used one of the most underrated songs in video game history.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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