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Replace ultra greeds face with rage faces
Created 4 years ago

By the same person behind Nicolas cage and meme hush, i bring you Meme Ultra greed

If you are going to comment about stale memes please do so in a nice respectful manner... or not because i don't really care either

To install:
extract contents of mod folder and insert in you binding of Isaac resources folder.

Screenshots are small because for some reason that's how steam likes to take them. I couldn't snap a screenshot of Ultra greed's butt so i put a picture of it here so you can see what i added to it


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This mod is actual garbage, especially considering it's release date. I don't know how any of you can download this. Don't mean offend Dracow, the creator. Just wanted to share my thoughts.
At least there was some effort put into this.
Can You add better screenshots? These have really low quality :/
nicolas cage cage was gud but these memes are dead
are you fuckin serious

good is Hush, Ultra Greed is still Mega Satan
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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