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Remixed Touhou BGM Mod
Gensokyo is now on the basement!
Created 8 years ago
i got inspired by Nazo-Baka's 'Eastern Basement' mod, and i did my version, but instead of adding music from one game, it adds remixes from other touhou games.

AFTERBIRTH DLC is required!

here's the list of the songs in this mod:
(the Title, Game Over and "After Boss Fight" BG songs are the only ones who aren't remixed versions[i still will be looking forward for a proper remix of these three though, it's because the original ver. for these three just fits well imo])

Title - ULiL main menu theme

Basement/Cellar/Burning Basement: Deep Mountain(PCB stage 1)
Caves/Catacombs/Flooded Caves: Dark Road (MoF stage 2)
Depths/Necropolis/Dank Depths: Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon (DDC stage 3)
Womb-Utero/Scarred Womb: The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky (PCB stage 4)
Blue Womb: Extend Ash (IN Ex Stage)
Cathedral: Cinderella Cage (IN stage 5)
Sheol: The Japanese Wilderness the Girl Watched (MoF stage 5)
Chest: Ultimate Truth (PCB final stage)
Dark Room: Fires of Hokkai (UFO final stage)

Boss fight: Cheat Against Impossible Spell Card (ISC Day 1-2)
Boss fight DLC: Green-Eyed Jealousy (SA Parsee theme)
Mom fight: Doll Judgement (PCB Alice theme)
It lives fight: "Dream Battle" (IN: both Marisa and Reimu themes)
Satan fight: Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner (LoLK Clownpiece theme)
Isaac fight: Luna Dial (EoSD Sakuya theme)
Lamb fight: Serpette for the Dead Princess (EoSD Remilia theme)
??? fight: True Administrator (TD T.No Miko theme)
Hush fight: Necrofantasia (PCB Yukari theme)
Ultra Greed fight: U.N. Owen Was Her? (EoSD Flandre theme)
Challenge Room: 3rd Eye (SA Satori theme)

Shop: Nuclear Fusion (SA Utsuho theme)
Secret room/S.Secret room: Hartmann's Youkai Girl[bellieve me, IT IS her theme, i'm not even kidding ;u; ] (SA Koishi theme)
Credits: Gensou Mangekyou ED 4 (EoSD Meiling theme)
Game Over: ULiL ending theme
After Boss theme: Evening Primrose (IN ending theme)
Library room: Locked Girl(EoSD Patchouli theme)
Arcade room: Native Faith(MoF Suwako theme)

installation instructions on the readme file.


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It's good, but I'd change the songs that have lyrics in them to ones that, well, don't. House remixes may work better, possibly?
it's okay, i was planning to change stuff once i put my hands on afterbirth+, and i'll see what i can do, when i did this mod, i used someone's mod as a reference (but i gave major credit to him because of that)
Before I download it, are the bgm remixes or original touhous BGM?
it's said in the description :I
"(the Title, Game Over and "After Boss Fight" BG songs are the only ones who aren't remixed versions)"

except for these three, all of them are remixes

it's because imo, the original ver. of these three just fits well
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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