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Reroll into anything, no breakfasting, and fixed Lost!
Created 7 years ago
This is the Golden D4 mod, all about refining the way the D4 works. This mod is broken into three different sections, each of which will be explained here:

The D4's effects

In this mod a "itempools" file is included. This does two main things. First of which is put every item (except for the Polaroid, Negative, Missingno, Chaos, and Key Pieces due to conflicts) into the Item Room and Greed Mode Item Room. This allows you to get any item during your rerolls, not just traditional Item Room items. Second is it makes it impossible to breakfast yourself. Now when you pick up items, it stays in the game, meaning you can D4 as much as you want. Unfortunately this does not prevent breakfast from Chaos but it is much easier to breakfast through the D4 than Chaos.

The Lost's D4

The Lost starts with the D4 but often times players will avoid using it in fear of rerolling the Holy Mantle which is a valid concern. As the whole point of this mod is to use the D4, I attempted to encourage players to still use the D4 with the character that started with it. In the "Rooms" file in the mod it places a Holy Mantle item in the starting room of every floor. This allows you to reroll at least once per floor and still get your Holy Mantle. This does come with the issue where your previous Holy Mantle will be rerolled into an effective item which may cause unfairness. Personally I would attempt to avoid the Holy Mantle item unless I am playing as The Lost and if I do take it as The Lost I would refuse to take the Boss Room item or just not go into the Item Room, to make things fair. You can choose what you want to do, either taking any items available, even the free Holy Mantle, skipping items here and there to balance it out, or not even have a Holy Mantle in the starting room in the first place. The choice is yours.

The Golden D4

To be fitting for this mod, the texture for the D4 in this mod is golden, as visible by the screenshots above. This graphic is in the "gfx" folder in the mod and goes along with the "giantbook" file and can be removed if you want the original look for the D4.


In conclusion this mod allows you many different features. You can choose to make the D4 reroll you into anything and never breakfast, you can make it so you feel safe when rerolling as The Lost, and you can change the look of the D4. You can have your fun D4 and Missingno runs now with this mod without ever fearing a painful breakfasting experience. Enjoy!


x 108

- To avoid breakfasting you, you can no longer reroll into Chaos with the D4.

- Fixed a rare glitch where you could reroll into multiple polaroids, negatives, missingnos, and key pieces.

- Updated the readme file.

- Added the giantbook file to make sense with the new D4 graphic.

Does It Work For AfterBirth Plus?
For the life of me I cant get this to work please help me tom cruise
oh thank god
i dont really mod TBOI but THIS MOD is the best because i constantly use the d4
so nice how do i get it for isaac at the beggining??
well if u know how try and mod the game urself (it's easy search for a tutorial) and mod any character u want to start with the d4
what about the missing no?? does it fix that too? #nomorebreakfast
Um it is a .rar file for me not a .zip how do i convert

This mod working for other (D6, D8, D12, D20, D100)???
how do I get 2002 consistently on characters other than the lost or how do i guarantee it
just give a a D4 to any character. the D4 is changed, not the lost. i think.
the first boss item i get after getting this mod..........BREAKFAST!!!! >=(
Does this apply to D100 as well?
hey it gives me a word document and not a file plz help

You have to use winrar or something of the sort
You have to use winrar or something of the sort
I have seen it used though and it looks like a really fun mod.
I tried downloading the mod but when i put everything in the folder (except the readme.txt) and started up the game it didn't work, i have this problem for most modes that edit rooms and item pools. I am not sure if you know a fix for this but please help.
i cant downlowd it because its rar. can you help me
is there a way to make it compatible with custom challenge launcher or any way to use without the lost?
The best events in the world that I have seen for the Lost
Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee mod XD
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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