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Smash Mouth Basement
finger lickin good
Created 7 years ago
so basically i got really bored and decided to completely destroy the basement and crudely place choppy memes relating to smash mouth all over it. there's also music, rocks, and boss edits to add insult to injury.

all actual benefits of downloading this
-waste of time

please don't give me any credit for this. all of the textures were found on google images and the music belongs to smash mouth. the only thing i did was take 30 minutes to put this together.


x 5

- added little horn reskin - gnome child (slayer)

- added famine reskin "juice"

- added gemini reskin "numbers"

- fixed slight bug where there was nothing in the zip file

- added famine reskin

- added gemini reskin

- depression +2

- added 8 new item reskins

- added larry jr reskin

- help me

- added screenshots because i got scared that admins might beat me to a pulp

- added a retexture of monstro, maybe more bosses in the future. this is stupid so don't count on it.

- added a video made in windows movie maker

April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
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