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Vanilla Sound Effects
Replaces SFX with ones from the original Binding of Isaac.
Created 6 years ago
Feature List:

-This mod replaces new sound effects introduced in the Binding of Isaac Rebirth with their corresponding original flash Binding of Isaac versions.

-Does not change sound effects that are the same in both versions, or new sound effects that have no equivalents in the original. A couple of sounds have been merged or removed in Rebirth, so I can't include all of them.

-Does not change the music apart from the appearance of Devil Rooms; there are already mods that do this.

-The sound when you take a Devil Deal is uploaded seperately. This is because Rebirth shares this sound with Death's Heads, which may be a bit strange, but it's there for people who want the option.

Install instructions:

-To install, extract the contents of the archive into your The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources folder.

-If there's a vanilla sound that you'd like to revert to the Rebirth version, just delete it from the sfx folder you've added and in most cases it will return to normal.


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This mod contains:
Sound Effects
УРА! долго искал! крутой мод / OMG YES! 22\5
I deleted the sfx file to revert the sounds back, but some of the sounds are missing. (Ex. Little Horn's and Rag Man's sounds) How can I fix this?
this may be a bit late, but by performing an integrity check of your game on steam or reinstalling boi r you should get them back.
can anyone do the vanilla sprites it's the only thing i have to do to make my game look like the vanilla one
Any word on if this works with Afterbirth? Thanks for the awesome Mod!
If you make sure to remove sounds.xml from it then it should work to some extent, although not completely. I expect I'll update it once Afterbirth's been out for a little while.
oh yes please! i cant live without
it doesn't work at all on afterbirth :/ and thanks for the awesome mod, can't wait to download it once it's updated
actually, if you leave the file there it will still work, but some sounds (like on the ultra greed fight) it takes out some of his sounds.
here is a fix to to make all of the sounds work
Thanks Dracula, your xml is working great for me so far. Much appreciated!
Just an awesome Mod... It gives me motivation to play MORE isaac even though I am RPG
wanted to change tears sound back to rebirth but deleting the files just make the sound affcts stop altogether
OMG after 15 weeks of searching I finally found the mod that I searched !!!
you speak of music? here its sound FX
if you want the good old tracks, go there :

i also have a different preset here :
can you change the secret room music too? I didn't find it. :c
Nice mod! I missed the old golden key sound. The new one is very loud and clunky.
I had this mod already before it was posted to the Modding of Isaac, but still good job
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