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TBoI - Monochrome Edition
Total conversion that turns everything black&white
Created 6 years ago

This mod is a total conversion mod that turns the whole game black & white like it was on a classic Game Boy.

The whole mod was created in ~3 Hours. (3322 Files edited)

This mod currently changes 98% of the whole game. This includes:

  • All Characters /Co-Op Babys
  • All Enemies & Bosses
  • All Floors & Props
  • All Items & Trinkets
  • The whole Menu

The following things will stay colored because it looks cooler that way ;) :

  • Champion Enemies
  • Hit animations
  • Alt floor specific effects (Burning walls / Water floors)
  • Special Effects

More Screenshots

Mod Spotlight Video of Adrian Simple

How to Install

1. Download the File
2. Extract the .zip file (use WinZip / 7zip / The Unarchiver)
3. Place the contained "gfx" folder into your Resources folder (if you cant find that folder !Click Here!)
4. Play the game


If you find sprites that are not black & white, please post a screenshot of it as a comment below.


x 65

- Visibility improvements for:

- ----Flooded caves

- ----Dank Depths

- ----Caves (rocks)

- Candle props in depths are now colored !

This would make an interesting floor curse.
Technically, monochrome means "one color", but eh. I would still prefer if this was called "Black and White Edition" or something similar.
Probably one of the most useless mods I've ever downloaded, but I still enjoy it nonetheless.
I really like it ! Makes the game more old-school alike.
hello darkness my old friend
also azazel is too edgy now 0/0
A very cool filter, gives it a charming retro aesthetic.
I love the "retro" game feeling! I have always liked retro type game!
*gameS! ]
*games1 ] that was me trying to fix the typo I made
*games! ]then I wrote it down here
and why you do this mod? It's Heart for my eyes!
i may try if it is for rebirth
"The following things will stay colored because it looks cooler that way" = "Editing all the .anm2's is too hard"
Nice mod. Jesus, this must have taken quite a while to convert every sprite in the game to black and white!
well i don't mean to be rude but it is quite effortless...
I know, but he has to convert every texture to monochrome.
While not a fan of monochrome style this is really cool ;o; I love that you kept small colours in adding the effect~
April 10, 2022 - 4 months ago
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