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The binding of Water
Melon Edition
Created 8 years ago


The full version of the Watermelon mod is finally out.

Every singel boss now a watermelon (Exept Hush because im not doing him!)
Some Enimies too
Everything that has to do with blood is now watermelon style
Hearts and coins
Items and Trinkets

(Thanks to 140 for making the wonderfull Hush watermelon)

How to mod:
1. Instal the mod
2. Unzip it
3. You will now have a mod folder. Put everything in the mod folder to C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources/
4. Have fun


x 17

- Hush is now one tasty watermelon :D

- Hush is now one tasty watermelon :D

- Hush is now one tasty watermelon :D

Just repaint of bosses and hearts. Not interesting
mabey not for you
but there are people who like it
It's not in my "style" but I really like Your idea
lol, this is the more random mod i've meet :v welp, this is my fourth comment of this mod :V
Made a Hush Melon.
Nice mod by the way. That must've taken a long time.
It did and i must say thats one tasty looking Hush you got there
Im gonna add it
This goes good with the mod I'm working on that replaces the boss death sound to pewdiepie yellowing "Mellon!" XD
If thats the case then you can link this mod in it
and ill link yours
With all these melon mods, I have one question. Water you going mel-On about here? After I Red the description, I think you might be Seeding a new trend of mods. However, i like this idea. I might add this mod in a collection as one of Vine.
Yesss now i can eat my way out of the basement!
lol, I did not know that word existed, yeah, now i'll use it xD
Glad to have expanded your vocabulary lol
Not doing Hush?

I'd imagine him as a giant watermelon.
An actuall melon is commenting on my mod :o

But seriously hes to hard to do...(my opinion)
If you want him that much then why dont you do him yourself, then show it to me and ill be able to add him
Welp, what spriting program do you use? I.. actually don't know of any spriting programs, nor have I sprited before. I bet if I learned and got better, I might make a watermelon Hush. Though, it wouldn't be blue and frozen, unlike me.
I use Gimp...

You can use any programm that changes graphic really
uh...but...why would you do this?!?!?!?
There neednt be a reason for everything!

I could also ask: Why are you asking???
Very cool I love the color green!
yep :V this mods looks aWATERsome :V

I get the joke buuuut
it kinda doesnt work...
You really want Watermelons in your game
Yes, yes i do

Actually im just bored and this gave me something to do
FINALLY YOU MADE A WATERMELON OVERHAUL MOD !!! i was wondering when you were going to finish it!
Yeah i was wondering that too XD
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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