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A tool to modify items found inside of the items.xml file.
Created 7 years ago

isaacEdit is an editor that allows you to change the "items.xml" file in The Binding of Issac, it let's you change the different traits of items, such as the Name, Description, GFX Location, Cache, Achievement ID, Devil Price, Charge Count, Cooldown, Coins, Bombs, Keys, Hearts, Heart Containers, Black Hearts, and Soul Hearts! All packed into a small 24.5 KB application with a simple and easy to use UI.

Screenshots and Icon by Stewartisme

How to Use

  • 1. Open the tool, press File > Open, then choose the "items.xml" file you want to edit.
  • 2. Look in the list for the item(s) you want to edit (they're sorted alphabetically)
  • 3. Select the item then change the desired traits of the item.
  • 4. Once you're finished **make sure you press "Store Changes"
  • 5. When you're finished editing all the items you want to change, press File > Save then open TBoI
  • 6. To easily check if your changes were made, go into your stats and look for the item you changed.

If you find any bugs, please let me know in the comments!

Support for this tool has been discontinued.
Download the source code here.


x 110

- Added source code to description of the mod.

- Added tool-tips to each textbox (Suggested by Wofsauge)

- Added the ability to change the type of item (from active, passive, and familiar) (Suggested by Wofsauge)

- Fixed issue related to special items (thanks /u/epicbob57)

very cool, thank you so much!
I tried putting my items.xtml file in resources but when I run the game it crashes, how do I fix this?
does this work on afterbirth+?
I'm also having trouble saving my work, I click Store Changes, then I click save, I'm storing my items.xml in my Resources folder in the Isaac folder for steam, help me, please.
My only problem with this mod is NOT the fact you can't edit the stats like "Increasing Damage to 1.50 on an item" due to it being Hard Coded, but rather when an item only gives a certain type of health, you can only edit that health. For example I wish to make it so the Holy Grail or the Dead Dove grants soul hearts, I'm not able to do that considering the Holy Grail only grants Red Hearts and the Dead Dove granting no health.

Please fix this in the future when you get the chance.
That's hard-coded into the game.
That's what I said. I'm just saying the tool can be updated to change Health. Not stats like Speed or Range.
Why I can't dowloand this. My internet says - virus detected! And where I can get the xml file
It opens but dosnt allow me to do anything with it, anyone know the issue?
Well, I dropped support for this program. It is open source though, so anyone can port it if they wanted to.
Dude, the source code to the description of the mod shouldnt be classified as a update...
Why not? It is an update on the project.
it kind of isnt tho... its just a edit that you added to the description. i wouldnt update my mod everytime i put something in the description even if its big like a youtube vid or something...
It is an update of me saying "The project is done, and the source code is released"

It isn't just me putting something in the description.
well, i dont understand. but hey, its my opinion and you dont have to care about it! good luck with your mod! (btw it really helped me with my big mod )
Can you edit what stats items change?

I want to make Soy Milk to lower your fire rate instead of buffing it.
it'll probably work once afterbirth+ comes out
What Happens if i put all of the Achievement items achievement Value to 1?
You'll unlock the achievement with the ID 1 whenever you pick up any of the items.
Hm, i thought putting all of the values to 1 would unlock those items, apperently im wrong.
Wait no I was way wrong, you're right.
Aand i noticed a problem, Saving doesen't seem to work, Even when i extracted on the rescourses folder,
Are you pressing "Store Changes" when you made changes to an item?
Yeah, But even still, after i Stoos the changes, when i save... nothing happens.
cat almost puke after smell this cheese .... funny
Hey,i have a question,how you maked the items colored?
I'm glad i finally found that mod
Help i need a version not for rebirth. i need a original game version
Im spanish, i dont need a spanish version
When ever I save the Edditing i did , And reopen the file it Doesnt save the Edit i did.
Did you press the "Store Changes" button at the bottom of the window before saving or switching to another item?
Yes. As well as Multible Times.
Where are you storing the items.xml file?
with the Maps and stuff like in resources but not packed
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!