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cHUD mod
Now on the Steam Workshop with AB+ support!
Created 8 years ago

-=the OFFICIAL cHUD mod=-

cHUD+ is now available on the Steam Workshop! Get it now!

IMPORTANT!!! v14 is for Afterbirth, use v13 if you don't own Afterbirth


Previously known as Better Item Icons, cHUD is a mod that colors sprites in the menus like the pause menu, character select screen, and more!

v1 = v5
v2.5 = Items Only Edition
versions v6 and up are actually v6 and up

Shoutout to /u/Lecek for suggesting tons of features when cHUD used to be on /r/moddingofisaac!

Mods that include cHUD: (with permission of course)
QTheNew42Q's "The Slinging of David"

Older Versions

We got the seal of approval! Woo!
Remember to suggest new ideas for future updates!


x 1490


- achievements and nightmares coming soon!


- if your map is broken then uninstall and reinstall all mods

- removed tearhalo.png

- fixed title version number

- various misc updates/fixes

- added transparency to boss health bar when empty, tear halo...

- colored bosses in death screen! woooo!

- slightly redesigned title screen

- the cursor was still not fixed, I should try testing my mod before uploading it next time

- messed up cursor in selection screen, now fixed

- new title screen (THE TITLE SCREEN SAID v6 in v7 AAARGH)

- new selection screen

- a somewhat small update (and quick!)

- colored dream sequence between floors

- colored intro and epilogue cutscenes

- (Items only edition)

- changes title screen

I changed the version from 14 to 13, but it keeps on downloading version 14.
you guys know that this supports AB+ it dose not REQUIRE AB+ I have just AB not AB+ and it works fine

oh god I don't have "AfterBirth +"
Damm....Almost everything requires "Afterbirth+" I guess i will just have to buy it on steam :/
how do i download 2.5 version? also onion
If you download it from the steam workshop, it should work with AB+.
For some reason, the game crashes when I have the item Spider Mod and enter a room with enemies. If I remove cHUD, the game doesn't crash...
April 10, 2022 - 12 months ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!