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GameBoy of Isaac DEMO
Isaac in a GameBoy Style.
Created 8 years ago
So yeah. Everything looks like it's in a GameBoy game. This mod Is EXTREMELY UNFINISHED, and only goes up to the basement, but I do intend to retro-fy everything, so stay tuned for updates.

Credit goes to HuxMurray for the music. Go check out his stuff I guess.


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Will you be adding 8 bit Music to this? either way great job and looks awesome

Yes, eventually. I'm not really good with midis, so in a pinch I'll just use the music from aferberts till I find the time.
The MIDI music? From Afterberts????? Is that a good idea??????????????????
Great, now I can play binding of isaac on my gameboy
This looks cool, but I think it looks a bit to green
Cool! Please keep on working on it!
I'm confused; What was your process for this? No offense, but it looks like all you've done is apply a filter over the assets showcased.
This is going to look good on BOI:R, I hope my game works when its done
Looks very not bad. If the author will replace ALL textures..this is a mod will be very good.
I see potential in this mod and it looks really nice so far!
meh, it can be better, i give it 7/10
Looks awesome, although I think I'll wait until you've finished all of the mod
Good one ! I wait until you will do enmies and other stuff in this style
It is smarter to release a mod when it's not extremely unfinished
Yes i'm agree, work more on your mod (i think he can be good)
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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