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Keeper --> Reaper
Replaces Keeper with Reaper.
Created 4 years ago
I always thought that the Keeper was a very interesting character . I really liked how they started with Triple shot, and how they always started with negative luck.

But I mainly liked how difficult they were.

The Keeper is, in my opinion, the hardest character in the game (Right next to Rebirth-The Lost).

So, since they were so difficult, and could only take one hit before dying, I decided to try and make them...

No, in this mod, they don't start with Mom's Knife, and no, they don't start with Soy Milk, but they start with a couple of items to make playing as them a lot more frantic, and quicker.

Download Instructions: Place all of the files inside the zip, into your steam's, Binding of Isaac: Rebirth's, resources folder.

Anyways, here are the changes: Keeper now starts with Hot Bombs, Sad Onion, Rubber Cement, My Reflection, Death's Touch, Fire Mind, Ceremonial Robes & A couple instances of Lucky Foot. Their profile picture/name is also replaced with Reaper, and bombs are angrier than before.

For Window's users that used the default installation path, that's located at -
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources

(P.S: This mod also includes some new graphics and mic. changes that aren't entirely necessary, but make the mod look that much better. But, if the gfx folder contains files incompatible with some of your other mods, then you could always delete it. I would recommend not, but, it's your game).


x 21

- Changed the File's name to have the version # listed.

I downloaded this just so I can play with deaths touch :P
Kinda cool apart from over powered.
If you get a health upgrade early, then sort of, and any kind of explosion resistance would definitely be op, but I find it quite difficult to dodge all of the explosions.
I really like the concept of this
what is the hud mod you are using for screenshots?
Please specify what is added to this character. You've only told what it DOESN'T add.
January 16, 2020 - 1 month ago

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