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[WIP] TBoI: Radbirth (Nuclear Throne)
From Wasteland to Basement!
Created 8 years ago
This mod is currently a WIP!


• Isaac - YV
• Magdalene - Crystal
• Cain - Plant
• Judas - Skeleton
• Blue Baby - Horror
• Eve - Eyes
• Samson - Steroids
• Azazel - The Throne
• Lazarus - Chicken
• The Lost - Melting

I have quite a bit planned for this mod, and I could use some help. If anyone is interested in making sprites for characters or bosses, let me know!

Current Team:
- Myself
- EthanTheLion


x 45

- Art for all characters on menu

- Changed some UI

- Fixed character sprites in game

- Fixed costumes

- • Added much more character sprites with much help from EthanTheLion!

- • Fixed music

- • Pennies -> Dollar Bills

- • Replaced some items with Nuclear Throne items/guns/mutations

- • #VerifiedCuz

- • Misc

Why wasn't Fish added? He's like the poster child of Nuclear Thron... ._.
many characters are glitching magdalene is magdalene sometimes she has a crystal body and the others crash the game only isaac works
very old and not updated, it is updated on the workshop
hi, i made some sprites for Y.V different colors. is there a way for me to send them to you?
Sure! Join the discord
sorry i missed the invite was on a little vacation so didn't see it, could you send it again? here
It is a really nice Mod, but you should make Azazel to Horror because of his laser and stuff
I still like it how you can play as throne, tho
Nice mod! Are you still working on it?
You really need to update the skins, this mod is really good otherwize! I love how you made Azazel as the throne
Update in progress right now! Working with EthanTheLion on it!
Nice! And do you plan on doing the ennemies too? I think it would be possible for some of them
Hey I got an idea! make lilith rebel and tears the bullets and enemy tears enemy bullets.
I was thinking about making tears bullets but I don't think it would look that great, and I will probably make Lilith rebel!
that's coming from the guy that made this LMFAO
Lol you roasted the fuck out of that guy
yes, look at the date posted :P
I decided to turn Cuz into Fate's Reward due to some feedback, so he indeed will be verified.
occasional rotten breakfast
i'm not even sure if it's okay to eat
why is YV's head the illuminati? it is supposed to be his torso.
I am not a modder, but i think it is because you can't remove the head texture. And also, that isn't a illuminati head.
you can make the head area of the sprite sheet entirely transparent.
He's Isaac-fied! Plus, he does have arms and legs. Also, please don't compare him to illuminati lol.
He does have arms and legs, but no torso.
Oh my gosh this is great! Cant wait for it to be updated and worked on more so!
Thank you! Glad to hear that!
make lilith frog and the keeper yung cuz
Good idea! I know what I can do for Frog-- but Yung Cuz. I can't remember what his ability names were, but they were datamined a while back I remember. Do you have any idea? I could probably try and find them.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!