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Hollowed Baby
A Dark Souls Inspired Character Mod
Created 7 years ago

Changes Blue Baby to Hollowed Undead

The recent release of Dark Souls 3 inspired me to create this character mod, though it depicts the Hollows typically encountered in Dark Souls 1.


  • Full Texture replacement for ???/Bluebaby
  • Changed startup items and their sprites

??? now starts with Broken Ankh and Suicide King!
Please report any bugs in the comments below.

About compatibility

With the recent update this mod won't be compatible with other mods that edit charactermenu.png (like CHUD). To avoid this either download versions earlier than 2.1 or delete charactermenu.png from the archive manually.
Until there is a person who can educate me on this, there is no way to avoid conflicts without sacrificing my customised sprites on the character select screen.
Any mod that edits players.xml and items.xml will conflict.

Further down the line

After doing all the necessary updates as well as screenshots, I also plan to change more characters into Dark Souls inspired ones. Next up is probably Isaac being changed to the chosen Undead.

Until then!


x 17

- Hollow now has Suicide King and Dead Darksign (Broken Ankh)!

- Edited players.xml and items.xml

- Edited Broken Ankh Sprite

- Edited Character select screen sprite

- Added seperate files for Rebirth and Afterbirth

- Afterbirth character select screen fix

- Added name in character boss screen

- Very minor changes to boss screen sprite

- Added character select screen sprite

- Added custom boss screen sprite (experimental)

Wow, this is really beautiful cosmetic mod!
I have some ideas to change this character up just the right way to make him interesting - But I have no clue how to edit or even find players.xml.

So, yeah, I could appreciate some help regarding that.
With Rick's Unpacker you can unpack afterbirth.a (you can find that in your the Binding of Isaac: Rebirth files)
players.xml is in the unpacked file

You can edit it with notepad, it's very easy to edit it

Or if you are a noob use Isaac Character Editor
I haven't played dark souls but this looks like it would be a good mod
meh... i dont like DS but its pretty good! good job
April 10, 2022 - 1 year ago
Hey! We have a new Discord server. You can find more information in the announcements channel there. See you there!