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NOL: removes overlays (shadows)
Created 6 years ago
Do you hate the shadows in Binding of Isaac: Rebirth?

I sure do.

So I made this mod so there are no more overlays on any floors in the game.



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This mod contains:
General Gameplay
Can You add some pictures with comparison?
Why do You actually hate these shadows?
could i use this mod for a comunity remix called ``the modding of isaac``?
This actually makes the game look way closer to the 3DS version, which I do like because the overlays sometimes make my eyes hurt for making the game too fairly dark. Thanks for this!
@jonathanvaughn13 actually no, you can't, thats why I made this
Ummmmm... Can't you like... Do the same thing by changing a setting in the ini?
@LampenpamGER it removes background shadows
Thanks for this! It makes the game look a lot more clean.
able to remove the fog effects too? should be made into a lag reducer mod.
What exactly does it remove? The curse of darkness or the background shadows?
January 16, 2020 - 10 months ago

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