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All Your Lost Needs in All
All of the characters are now like the Lost
Created 5 years ago
Welcome to my mod where all of the characters are now like the Lost. They all have half a heart and holy mantle. Some of the characters gained items while some of them were trashed. The Keeper has gone through a major change and is way better. Lilith was also changed for the better, not that she was hard, but with half a heart she needed a buff. The characters can not fully be like the Lost due to health upgrades being attainable. Also you can not take deals with the devil for free
I will be working on fixing these issues in the future but for now hopefully you like the mod. Please let me know what I should change to help improve the mod. AND I SWEAR IF THIS IS DELETED AGAIN SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE. Also feel free to check out my channel


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can someone help me. ive been banned from my other acount and i dont now why. can someone help please
do you know what you did to get banned (eg. have you been cheating, exploiting posting offensive things)
Someone should attempt killing Hush with all characters with the power of this mod
well if you can beat the Hush with the Lost you can definitely do it with the character in this mod, and I have beat the Hush at least 4 times with the Lost so it shouldn't be that hard lol
The Lost shall finally get some sympathy, now that every character can experience his pain
hold on i cant access afterbrith dlc well its more playable than the lost ayy lmfao
lol, gg, you have nailed everything and learned the secret to winning
Well i think i will loose myself!
well maybe you will be found someday
No God please no! Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Yo, uh, this mod is pretty unnecessary. Theres a special seed in the game which does the same thing even better (BRTL B0NS). If you take any damage while using that seed you will die instantly, no matter how much health you got left.
It's actually a two hit, with the Holy Mantle.
but if you use seeds you can't unlock things
Just newbye mod. Idea very bad, sorry.
Mostly made for players looking for a harder challenge
Yes, but it's just experiment, i hope you can make better mods!
I will mate, this mod was just basically testing out how making mods worked.
Okay. I have been subscribe on your mod, and i waiting good updates!
thanks, I will be updating it soon and I have a new mod coming soon
Another mod that was made using minimal skill and the Isaac editor? Why am I not surprised. Plus cringy as F*** video and Mlp only makes it worse
Bro I mostly made this mod for me if you don't like it I don't care. And the video was a joke if you couldn't tell. This is literally the only video that is cringy. All my other ones are better, especially the one that insta-killed Hush with only my tears.
lol it was mate, it was , don't worry my other videos usually aren't like that, it was just because I was live streaming, and I was pretty happy
earlier I had a run where I insta-killed the Hush with my tears mate
Nobody cares if you insta killed hush. You put a supposedly purposefully terrible vieeo up, and expected positive feedback. After you realized that it was getting criticism, you resorted to "the video was a joke". If you don't wish to be criticized, and would rather tell people to avoid the mod.. do not post a mod, a YouTube video, and your YouTube channel. Also. Out of curiosity. Why roblox, minecraft, and mlp? It baffles me why you would post a video showing all of this on your desktop, expecting positive feedback.
OK, you can comment on something he put on the mod page, but I don't think it's necessary to shit on what he likes.
I didn't shit on what he likes. I actually avoided best I could, saying "XX is shit, why do you have it."
"Why roblox, minecraft, and mlp? It baffles me why you would post a video showing all of this on your desktop, expecting positive feedback."
I rest my case.
It's been a month. I questioned why the guy made a video, showing all of these things. I didn't say they were shit.
You implied that they were shit, saying "It baffles me why you would post a video showing all of this on your desktop, expecting positive feedback." Also, I haven't been active in the past month, so I just now got to it.
I am not sure who said I wanted positive feed back, but it seems legit and MLP, Roblox, Minecraft? Jokes?
If this gets taken down again, someone is dead. I SWEAR.
January 16, 2020 - 8 months ago

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