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XXL Everything!
This mod turns every room in a xxl room
Created 4 years ago


Mod Description

This mod turns (mostly) every room to a xxl room (2x2 layout.

  • only XXL Rooms! (with exceptions)
  • Double trouble bossfights ! ALWAYS!
  • Always rewarding devil/angel rooms
  • super rewarding secret / supersecret rooms
  • Treasure rooms with more items (but some are harder to get)
  • Rooms still have vanilla gameplay feeling, just harder and bigger
  • Handcrafted bossbattles
  • shops have more items in it
  • XXL Bosses can be encountered! Be afraid !

Here you can find more Screenshots:


This mod is still work in progress.
Therefore some floors / Devil Rooms can cause the game to crash when they are badly generated! i will try to reduce these crashes to a minimum.

Some rooms can't be made xxl because it causes the game to fuck up the map. The rooms that are not xxl sized are:

  • Secret room
  • Starting rooms
  • Crawlspace that leads to a black market
  • The floors "Chest" and "Dark room"


Extract .zip file.

put everything that is contained in the .zip file into:

$HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources

$HOME/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/The Binding of Isaac
(You have to right click on the App and click "Show contents")

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\The Binding of Isaac Rebirth\resources

Enjoy the mod.

Coming up

  • More XXL Bosses
  • Fixes to prevent the game from crashing
  • Better balanced rooms
  • more room layouts!
  • And much more !

If you want to stay up to date, please press the Heart Icon to subscribe to this mod ! Thank you very much

Misc Informations

If you find :

  • a room that is to difficult or to easy
  • Something that causes crashes (except floors & devil deals)
  • Something to be more fair (more items in itemrooms, ...)
  • Items that are good to start a run with

please make a screenshot of the unfair room, or write a text about something you want to be changed and post it here in the comments. You can write a PN to me on reddit, too : /u/Wofsauge


x -37

- removed xxl bloat from basement

- fixed bug in moms foot fight

- improved shop rooms! now +1 item and +4 pickups!

- fixed bug where trapdoors cant spawn in boss rooms

- NEW XXL Bosses :

- -- Monstro

- -- Larry Jr

- -- The Hollow

- XXL bosses are more likely to appear!

- floors are unlikelier to crash

- fixed spawnrate of a certain treasure room

- fixed room layout for Mask of infamy Boss

- Added more Diversity in all room layouts !

- Removed XXL Rooms for The chest and Dark room due to constantly crashing games when entering the floors

Okay so, after playing this mod I can report that... I dont like it. Takes far too long to play and becomes boring and tedious by the time you reach The Womb. MOM's fight is broken and can only stomp and look at you and because it takes too long to play there is no time for you to reach Boss Rush or Hush. As a player who can do both Boss Rush and Hush and finish before the door even closes, it's really hard to enjoy this mod.
What the actual hell did you expect? What the mod does is in the name. Don't Download something that obviously states what it does, and then complain about what it delivered on doing.
I knew exactly what the mod did and expected to enjoy it at first, but if you properly read my comment you would know I'm not actually complaining about the size of the rooms.
If I'm looking for a black pen that I can use, that won't bleed through my paper, I won't buy a lack sharpie, because it will bleed through my paper.
Basically, having to take a much longer time in the game is implied, because... literally everything is larger. You say that it takes too long to complete.. hmm..., I wonder why..
Never have I ever wanted to download a mod more than ever.
This mod is awesome! I've always loved exploring every room.
So far, it is my favorite mod. I think the bosses could be a bit harder/more balanced. Sometimes I get 2 dukes of flies, which is rather easy, and sometimes I get four giant larry worms on the first floor. I think that adding more dukes or something similar would work better. This is just an example, but it happens with some other bosses as well.
Almost as fun as internal bleeding! For real though- Neat mod for hardcore runs. I'll definitely have some fun with this.
No, Satan is. You got the wrong idea, buddy.
Who's Satan? I only know about lord Bloat.
The Devil deal crashes are bothering me as they have happened for each run since I downloaded the mod, I hope they can be fixed soon
how to avoid this? reject the devil and join with the angels!!
Holy FUCK this mod is amazing!!!
January 16, 2020 - 4 months ago

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