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Drink Your Drugs
Isaac can't handle syringes!
Created 8 years ago
This is yet another graphical mod!

This one replaces all the syringes with bottles of medicine.

Isaac won't have to worry about getting shots anymore!


Bottles of Medicine (Now you can drink yer' drugs!)
Unique labels (Tell them apart, even with color blindness!)
A million dollars (I'm lying about this one.)
Experimental treatment (Maybe you'll take it now!)
A big white Terrier (OK, I'm lying about this one too)


x 28
a small naked child drugged himself
seems legit.
Download and extract the file, then put everything in the resources (with a lowercase r) folder.
My colorblind friend will love this! so will my friend with Trypanophobia! Not kidding I actually have two friends with those that play isaac thank you!
It doesn't work! Is it because im playing on Afterbirth?
Good mod, but can you change pills to?
And just like in the normal game, the Synthoil's sprites are still different from the others C:
does this also replace the pills with little glasses of medicine?
...cause it should
I was originally going to, but I thought people wouldn't like it. I'll make an add-on for this mod that changes them.
somehow the transparent parts of the sprites are opaque red ingame. xD
Looks good, but, It'd appear that the drinks still appear as shots on Isaac's body.
Would kind of be confusing to take a drink and then suddenly you have shots in your arm, but then again, this is a game where if you pick up a hanger, it goes RIGHT THROUGH your head.
But still, good job.
Yay!! I can drink my syringes and drug my drugs!
oh, now this is cool. I always love graphical mods.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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