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The spiders are my friends...
Created 4 years ago

Peter is just an albino boy who likes spiders.

He replaces Maggie, since Maggie sucks. He starts with two red hearts and one black heart, and has the same speed/damage as Maggie does, and the best part is... He's not OP!

I'm probably going to give him hair someday. Maybe.


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Please help me make a mod i only have 1 mod and it's awful...
great mod!

+is it a glitch that it reset my maggy stats when i deleted the mod?
It's probably because Peter replaces Maggie, but I haven't noticed if it messes with stats or not. Sorry!
Spiderman, Spiderman...

Nice mod, by the way!
what about giving him bursting sack?
The Bursting Sack gives too much of an advantage early game.
start him off with the sissy long legs
If he's a spider freak give him a Bursting Sack, if you'd ask me that would fit him well
Yeah, that was the original idea, but Bursting Sack is ridiculously OP as a starting item.
Let's be honest. This item is not really OP, it will just give you the advantage in like literally first 2 floors, later the ammount of spiders is much lower, it's not even close to being OP, it's just strong.
An advantage in the first two floors is a pretty big advantage, I think. Considering you encounter a lot of spiders early on, it would just nullify the challenge. I don't want it to be too easy, I like Peter to be balanced.
It would be OP if you gave him Infestation 2
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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