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Zelda 2 HP!
Hearts crossed with Bars!
Created 4 years ago
Part 2 of my Zelda saga.
Ever wanted to use health bars, but found them too confusing? this mod that mixes regular hearts with bars, like in Zelda II should help you out! They are also minimalistic still, but we are almost out of the minimalist hearts!


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I think it could be more "pixel", more in Isaac's art style.
I know that you want to make it as close to the original Zelda 2 health bar, but could you possibly shade it a small bit,so it looks a bit smoother?
What did you have in mind? just some shading between the red and white edges? if so, I can possibly include that as an alternate version in the next update.
I was thinking of darkening the edges a small bit, yeah.
Make it more pleasing to the eye.
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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