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Better Tutorial
At the start of a run it shows how to play.
Created 8 years ago

Well this is for those who don't know the controls.

Give this mod to anyone that has just got the game (People you know in real life), instead of telling them how to play, because I have to do it a lot. If your friend on steam has just bought the Binding of Isaac : Rebirth (Or maybe you had to buy it for them) tell them to get this. Everyone that needs to know (ignore this modders) just put the gfx in the resource. Find out with the help button.


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Can I incorporate this (with credit) into a graphical mod I'm creating?
would be amazing if, say, i changed my bomb button to T, that it changed the E to T on the floor
Most people who go on this site know how to play probobly XD but its still pretty cool
17 hearts but only 12 downloads?
I feel like I should send this to any of my friends that decide to check this game out.
Yeah, that will help them on their first run!
omg thats what i call a smoll change
Why don't change controls in options?
What the fuck, yet again, somebody gave the mod a heart, but did not download.

This mod is pretty good tho, although I think the default tutorial is fine..
Some people like the idea but don't need it themselves.
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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