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Testing Mode
Gamemode that spawns every item in the game
Created 8 years ago

This Mod replaces the Greed Mode with Testing mode. This mode spawns every Item, Pickup and special need object that exists in the game.


The Main room is different for every Stage. Every other room is the same for every stage.

Main Room: Collectibles
---------- Basement: Passive Items 1
---------- Caves: Passive Items 2
---------- Depths: Passive Items 3
---------- Womb: Active Items
---------- Sheol: Familiars / Orbitals
---------- The Shop: Greedmode button (for summoning enemies)
---------- Ultra greed: Normal Ultra Greed floor
Cursed Room: Trinkets, Runes, Golden Bomb/key, Battery, Lucky Coin
Shop: Trinkets
Grey/gold Treasure Room: Gambling / Misc


Extract the .zip file.
Put everything in it into the resources folder.


x 147

- Added "<3"

- Added "Bobs Curse"

- Added "20/20"

- Added "No!"

i was looking for rebirth that sucks
the download does not have a packed folder - it only contains gfx and rooms folder. it's not working for me.
I got the same problem, this zip doesnt contain packed folder.
the folder where your game is installed contains the packed folder, not the mod itself...
for the people talking about the console, you can only use that with mods! this can be used without enabling mods!
This mod is really useful when im testing synergies! A heart for you!
afterbirth+ comes with a debug console. so no need for a testing mode XD
one fateful night i asked to make this a whole new mode not replacing greed mode, and you told me to wait tell ab plus comes out, so i did, and now your saying you wont do it
I have everything in the resource file and it dosent want to work do i have to open the .stb file somehow?
you can see if it works, by simply starting the game and playing a new round of greed mode.
if it still dowsnt work, you have installed it incorrectly.
to install things simply:
- unpack every file from the .zip file
- put it in the resources folder
(it should now have a gfx,rooms and packed folder in it)
- and then play the game.
omg thank you so much it works now i hope you have a good life sir.
how do i play greed mode (im in rebirth)
can you make it so it doesnt replace greed mode
and is instead a whole new mode
nope thats impossible todo. please wait till afterbirth+
welp the op is over 9000 (used spider mod)
If you get the d100 do not reroll it crashes the game
Is this what the site has come to? 90% OP mods?
crashes when I try to enter the "trinket" room on all floors, no other mods installed
Great mod though!
First of all, it crashes my game too when I try to enter the trinket room at all. Second and last of all, I have to agree, this IS a great mod.
i tried to reproduce the bug, but my game does not crash at all. have you other mods installed ? what OS do you have ?
I wish this could exist for Rebirth too ;-;
I love you so much, not just for the mod itself (GREAT JOB), but mainly beacause you get to fight ULTRA GREED at the end, testing your combo! THX 4 G8 MOD
Oh, also: am I the only one confused by the word tricket?
Trickle Charge + Trinket?
its as fun as a trampoline made out of cookies... yup...

that sounds tasty... yet very noisy
Yet another reason to have completed Greed mode
lmao Your comment must contain more text.
sans the skeleton i have a question. do you have a hard skull?
whenever i go into the shop level and I press the button to spawn monsters, the game crashes, any advice?
ive tried to recreate that but it never crashed. do you have any other mods installed ? what items do you pick up before pressing the button ? on what seed crashes the game ?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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