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Gold Tinted Rocks Afterbirth
Never miss a tinted rock again.
Created 4 years ago
This mod makes tinted rocks more visible while also fitting into the game's style.

Based on JME's mod, I updated it for Afterbirth's new floors as well as changed the shading and colors of the golden rocks to look a little better.

Should be backwards-compatible with Rebirth too.


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more attractive indeed, it just sucks when you don't have bombs and you need them
Your mod was quite popular Are You gonna update this to AB+?
It can be funny in AB, but AB+ disables achievements with mods so, idk
Not working for me in any floor, i dont know if is because the mod was created a year ago... I put the GFX folder inside resources :/
Seems like it works fine in AB+
I like this as I find it hard to see the tinted rocks in the Womb areas. And even then the blue-ish tint is still hard to see in the Dank Depths.
Not working for me i put the resources folder in the right place but when i run the game the tinted rocks aren't golden??
This makes finding them very easy.
Basically, thank you for making this!
i believe this ruins the purpose of tinted rocks: a little reward for noticing them. now all they are is practically teasing material if you have no bombs.
As someone who is color blind and has trouble telling the difference between the shades of a color, I can appreciate this mod. Tinted rocks are near impossible for me to tell apart from regular rocks.
I guess it does have it's uses to people like you, however don't you think it's SLIGHTLY too obvious? Of course I wouldn't know from your perspective, but still.
You just gotta check the X on the rock, is the only way to notice the rocks for example in the womb
I think they do not fit in the enviroment with this yellow-gold colour.
that's the fucking point
they don't fit in, so they become easy to spot
"This mod makes tinted rocks more visible while also fitting into the game's style. "
That is the description of the mod. Yes the rocks are better to spot now. But in my opinion these yellow colours "don´t fit into the game´s style" how the OP is saying
Yeah they would look better if they were just a darker or a lighter form of the original
Nothing is more annoying when I get 3 tinted rocks in one floor, but no bombs. Especially when I miss them. Thanks!
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