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No More Neutral Pills!
Improve your potential pill selection with multiple options.
Created 9 years ago
With Rebirth and now Afterbirth, a lot of new pills were added to the game, many of them not particularly great or even all that interesting. A lot of these pills are "neutral pills", meaning they have no good or bad equivalent and are thus not improved by picking up the PHD item, even though in some cases they are objectively bad.

This mod attempts to fix some of these issues by removing pills to make the selection better. You will still have thirteen pill types available on each run as normal, but the pool from which they draw is reduced according to your preference. There are five different options (a more detailed list of pills removed is in the download):

  • Lite - Removes all neutral pills that are negative and/or have no effect on gameplay.

  • Lite+ - Same as Lite, but also removes neutral pills that technically have a use but do nothing interesting and make very little difference to your run. This is the one I personally go with.

  • Full - Removes all neutral pills, period. This includes every pill that doesn't have a good or bad equivalent, both potentially negative, like Hematemesis, or objectively positive, like 48 Hour Energy. This reduces the selection to fourteen, meaning all but one pill will be in play in each run. You're likely to get a lot of stat downs with this, and PHD is at its strongest here. Note that this removes Full Health as its own pill, but you can still get it by being at low health with Bad Trip.

  • Classic - Sets the pill selection to that used in Wrath of the Lamb Isaac, minus Puberty, since it used to share a pill with I Found Pills.

  • Casual - Makes every pill good by removing all pills with no effect on gameplay or a potentially negative effect. PHD is all but useless, but it's not like you need it now.

Thanks to Wofsauge, who worked out the method to remove pills. See their mod here that removes only the Retro Vision Pill. Apologies for the lack of good screenshots - I'm not sure how to picture things not being there?


Open up the downloaded zip file. Extract the contents of version you want into The Binding of Isaac Rebirth/resources. To uninstall and restore the pills, simply delete the extracted file.


x 33

- Added a list of pills removed from each version into the download. Also restored Pheromones to the Lite version, was removed from available pills accidentally.

Oh, but did You remove "I found pills"? It's the only neutral pill I lactually love ;)
Cool idea, I hate some of neutral pills, they are boring ;)
Man, this is really awesome! Thanks!
This is great. However, could there be a way to move the "Neutral" pills into the "bad" list, so that once you get PHD you can only draw Stats Up, Full Health and such?
That's beyond the current scope of modding, unfortunately. PHD doesn't remove pills, only converts bad pills to good ones, and we can't change which it does this to.
Ah, I didn't know that. Thanks for explaining it to me!
I tried your mod, sir, and I must report that in Casual version it didn't remove all negative pills, I just wanted a new game with Lazarus and got a random pill. It was Amnesia, which is certainly a negative-effect pill. I hope you'll fix it soon!

And I'm not sure what the problem is, it looks fine from here and I can't replicate it. Are you sure you installed it correctly?
Yes, I've installed a lot of mods, and always followed the instructons, especially if the mod changes the gameplay, not just some graphics. I re-installed it, and will check it soon. Then I'll write share my experience.
Would you kindly remove One makes you larger,One makes you Small,Puberty and I Found Pills in a version just for me?
It's possible make your own version by editing the pocketitems.xml extracted with a text editor. Add achievement="0" to the entry for pills you wish to get rid of and remove it from pills you wish to keep.
Too complicated for me,and i don't think i got time for that,only to play for some minutes
Thanks this is so worth it especially for Little Baggy runs.
this is going to be awesome, i'll download it in home
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