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Removed Retro Vision Pill
This mod removes the Retro Vision Pill
Created 8 years ago

As the title suggests this mod tries to remove the retro vision pill.
the screenshot shows my testing area in which i tested the scenario a couple of times.

This pack includes the setup for the pill testing room. usage description is in the zip file. if you discover, that this mod doesn`t work please leave a comment. thank you


x 98

- Updated for latest afterbirth patch

- the mod is now more minimal (no achievements.xml file needed anymore)

- Readme.txt added fro installation instructions

- Now work for the most recent patch ! :)

- fixed bug of missing achievement file

i've lost retropill after this :c
(actually stupid joke, yean) question 4. please always read the FAQ / Help before commenting.
After installing per the read me file, still having Retro Vision show up in Afterbirth game.
Thank you for making this mod! Now my computer wont lag out on me!
This helped me a lot because that retro vision pill effect hurt my eyes.
the mod is now updated for the latest afterbirth patch
Retro Vision Pill is OK but it lads my game
This really helps me because Retro Vision hurts my eyes.
The Retro Vision pill has got to be the most annoying pill in the game. Thank you very much for making this mod
I think you might need a new save file for this to work?
it will now work for the newest patch
Not working, don't know why. Is it just outdated?
Clever way to do it. Thank you very much, I know this will help many people!
I just got Retro Vision on first floor on greed mode. I have the pocketitems.xml in resources folder. Don't know why it doesn't work :c
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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