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DVD Video Sprite replacement for GB Bug
Intense corner bounces
Created 8 years ago
Just a simple sprite replacemant someone suggested as a joke.

He got a bunch of the upvotes and I didn't.


x 38
I LOVE IT(brings back the good old days)
the it
em get sound should be a windows startup
I'd be lieing if I said this wasn't a brilliant idea.
Is this from the Reddit Post? Cool!
You're a genius. Why hadn't I thought of this?
ey! the others 4 images appears a screen black with a "?"
I wish it was possible for it to change colors when it hit a wall. Also, do you know how to change the name in the items.xml file? If not then I could explain, because it still says gb bug.
i remember this thing from a couple years back. best mod evah
10/10 would be unsatisfied by it hitting a centimeter above the corner again
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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