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The Dapper Collection
Gives hats to a decent amount of the classic bosses.
Created 7 years ago
When I gave hats to Monstro and Monstro II, the game still felt like it was missing something.
It needed that extra flair. More style. More hats.
There was only one way to fix this.

This mod gives top hats to 29 of the 'classic' bosses, and all but 3 of the bosses introduced in Rebirth.
Bosses not currently invited to the hat party include:
The Adversary
???/Blue Baby
The Bloat
Dark One

They will be invited to the party in a later update to this mod.


x 288

- Added Rebirth bosses (excluding Adversary, Dark One & Gurglings)

- Added Mask of Infamy, Satan

- Fixed an issue with Duke of Flies

This mod contains:
Enemies & Bosses
New Enemies
Everyone are Dr. fetus (the hat is of dr. fetus)
Make Isaac (character) wear a hat too!
I think Gemini's small twin and the Harbinger's (And H.H and Conquest) horses should have hats too.
And Hush and Mega Satan with giant hats!
As a true brit, I approve of this mod and offer you some tea
Mariobro, I am making a mod where I'm re-texturing The Duke, I couldn't find duke's origonal base model so I am using your model (Removing the hat of course) I just wanted clearance! Thanks! :P
The haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats
TheMeme I can help. you need to take the gfx folder out of the resouces folder the mod gave you. then you get the most op mod in history.
i need some help, i installed the mod and put it in my recources folder but it still wont work, is there a way too fix this? I have afterbirth if that helps get an answer
April 5, 2021 - 7 months ago

Repentance has been added as a DLC option for mods.