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Ambient catacombs
Ever felt like you heard some whispers?
Created 9 years ago
This is a little something i threw together in a short time.

It sounded ok to me, but thats for you guys to decide.


Drag the music folder into your resources folder.
The resources folder should be located in your BOI install location.



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Brilliant! we need more mods like this!
I'm spooked all the way through.Thanks for the trauma
Gave me da spookz. Great ambient sound mod I definitely recommend.
Ran out of pants, now using shorts. 10/10.
It's a bit too dramatic for catacombs, tbh.

Could make for a damn good Blue Womb soundtrack though; you know because... Hush.
Ur kidden right? Catacombs is the the most realistic "scary" place in the game. This is literally the place where bodies are stored, with miles of maze in which you can get lost (irl). I think that his is very fitting for what it is in real life, even if this is just a 2d game.
What about Sheol? I personally think that would be the scariest place to be in the game.. I mean, have you even seen what's down there? I would piss myself if I had seen those types of creatures irl. Sure, if you think about it.. Catacombs is pretty ominous and nerve bending. but Sheol literally means "Hades" meaning Pretty much Hell.

So TL;DR, I get where you're coming from.. but I honestly think Sheol is FAR more "Frightening" than the Catacombs ever was. but of course.. to each their own.

Oh, and btw.. very good music though! I really like the atmosphere of it. I just feel that it would fit more in Sheol or something like that. but whatever you choose to do is fine with me.
Yea, but Shoel is theoretical. Catacombs is for real.
The whole game is theoretical. TBOI was based off of "The Binding of Ishmael" meaning all of what happens in-game is based off of Edmund's childhood, The Binding of Ishmael, and some things from "The Bible" which means that although it may "Seem" theoretical.. how would we know if it was for sure? that would be like saying that "God" does not exist just because his existence is theoretically unproven.

So technically, it does not matter what's real or not. if you understand the background behind what Sheol actually is.. then that's all that would really be needed to spark either a certain hatred, or affection for it.

For example, I could just sit here and type all day about how I might think that nothing is real; and we are all just machines living in a pre-programmed self-aware matrix.. but then not everyone would agree with me, would they?

TL;DR, It's not what's "Real" that matters.. it's all personal preference that really comes into play. but I can see what you meant by that though.
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