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guaranteed black market
This mod makes the black market always accessable
Created 4 years ago

This little mod removes all crawlspace rooms that does not lead to the black market. therefor whenever you enter a crawlspace you can enter the black market aswell.

Installation as always (read the readme included)


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Thanks for giving me a oppurtunity to make more broken runs good sir!
Is good because I never found a black market.
Maybe just make the percentage higher? It does take away the glory of actually finding a black market.
maybe instead of a full replacement what about just making the end of the corridor bomb-able OR key-able OR coin-able to get to the black market? and the other layer could be double-bomb-able AND double-key-able AND double-coin-able to access the error room, (aka costs 2 keys, 2 coins, and 2 bombs, but you can skip the floor/maybe get awesome items...), just a thought mind you
nice ideas but everything you mentioned is impossible to recreate in the current state of modability. the main problem is, that the blackmarket is technically only available via one room. this room cant be manipulated/duplicated. sorry
Aw, man. That sort of takes another one of the many layers of Rebirth out of the game. I'd still like to have a chance at a random item or disappointment... The disappointment is just part of the fun.
I've got Varied Item Rooms anyway, but I just wanted to share my opinion. Although I don't understand why it makes you happy that I don't want to use it?
I think that he means that yoy don't have to use it if you don't want, and that smily face means like if he has reply you like a good person
im happy with that because everybody has his own opinion on things and i respect this decison. besides that, i dont give a fuck about likes/dislikes. its more about making something that makes other people happier
awesome. No more entering a crawlspace only to find six coins inside.
. that's all i have to say. this mod is awesome. sir you are the real mvp here
But can I still get random items from these rooms? Or there'll be only the black market?
only the path to the black market is available sorry.
January 16, 2020 - 5 months ago

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