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Hush's Eden blessing
For those who dont have enough reasons to go for hush!
Created 5 years ago
Someone in Reddit asked for this mod because it would make the game more funny, so, why not making it? This mod specifically changes:
-Blue womb treasure chests layouts (Where Eden's blessing is)
-Blue womb trapdoor (only void tiles)
-Blue womb start room (only rocks)


x 51

- Fixed a previous version bug that completely removed hush

- Remove Eden's blessing from Hush fight room

- Added Eden's blessing to Blue womb starting room

Finally a reason to go to Hush ;-; could you make a version that only gives the blessing after you beat Hush though? Seems a tad too easy to get the Eden's blessing
Oh well thanks though~! Keep me updated, I love this mod :P
how does eden's blessing make the hush fight easier?
It doesnt
Its meant to be a prize for getting so far
This may sound too OP, but maybe you can add Forget Me Now to the main room, possibly right next to Hush?
Well fuck.
That suggestion would make hush a "how far can you go?" in a normal run and a "How long can your eyes go?" in an OP run.
But sounds funny as hell.
MIGHT add a separated link in the future.
Awesome! Is it possible to make it spawn after Hush fight? (or should we wait Afterbirth+ to make this possible?)
Erwan, the reply sistem is broken for now, so just so you know; I cant make hush drop anything till AB+ :/
awsome that you did this just from a reddit post
Yeah, it ended being quite popular!
Could you do another with 6 Eden's Blessings on sale for 15 cents at the first room of Ultra Greed?
So you're the guy that asked for it in that MoI post huh? Well, its at the moment completely impossible to modify the items that shop slots sell, atleast its impossible without .exe modding, so, as much as i would love to, i cant. Sorry. (But i can indeed put 6 shop slots in the room before ultra greed if that makes you happy.)
Is there any way you could artificially make the Eden's Blessing cost? Otherwise, just add 6 items for sale and one Eden's Blessing pedestial.
You should put Eden's blessing inside of the hush fight room if possible
it would have been better if you got it only when you defeat hush
If im not wrong, that would require .exe modding, which currently its not released to public, i did the best i could with the tools i have :P
Personally I think it would work better aesthetically if the Eden's Blessing was in the main room. Just my personal opinion.
Seems like a really good idea, specially considering the fact that you cant escape the blue womb unless you defeat hush anyway, i'll probably add it.
Was this inspired by that one Reddit post???
Yeah, someone suggested in reddit to make hush drop Eden's blessing as ANOTHER reason to go for hush, so why not making the mod?
Thanks for answering this! I saw that post as well and thought it was a good idea... Glad someon turned it into a real mod! ^_^
You're welcome, making mods is a funny thing to do when you know how to do it :P
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