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Temmie Beggar.
Turn Beggar into Tem.
Created 9 years ago
Tem has decided to resort to begging for money instead of being a merchant. As long as Tem get's to Colleg it doesn't matter. Some of the Tem seem to think you can pay for colleg with heart's, key's, and even bomb's.


This mod turns all beggars (not the collectible version) into a Temmie, nothing too fancy. I wanted to get an image of the bomb bum in game, but I couldn't get him to spawn so have a pic.


-Added more Tem beggars
_Updated Sprite

Coming Soon Maybe

Going to make collectible Temmies at some point. Not sure when.

How to Install

To install put the gfx file into Binding Of Issac's resource folder.


x 39

- Temmie Key bum added.

- Temmie Heart bum added.

- Temmie Bomb bum added.

- Temmie Shell Game bum added.

- _Temmie sprite updated.

flowey would fit the heart beggar
The binding of undertale really should use this, it makes sense, Temmie is basically a begger.
h0I ! Dis my frind...
Devil tem !!1
can we have one for the heart, key, and bomb beggers?
So Tem owns the shop then turns into a beggar....
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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