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UNDERTALE Soul Containers
Replaces all +1 health food items and <3 with Soul Containers
Created 7 years ago
This mod will replace the textures of breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert, rotten meat and


x 30
Nice Idea, You got some competition with the other though Haha
How do I get the item names to change? the sprites have changed but the names are still "Lunch", "Breakfast" ect.
You have to replace the item.xml file in your resources folder
But I don't have the original items.xml in their;when I put it in the resources folder the game doesn't open.
if you have Afterbirth that may be a problem.
awesome mod but its already part of the binding of undertale overhaul
From what I saw the soul container is just the reskinned "The Jar" which holds hearts to replenish your health. (Also you don't need to tell me things I'm aware of already)
maybe it does im not too familiar with it
Heart Containers from Cave Story are the next?
Not a bad idea, but maybe they could be different colors? As per the 7 colored human souls?
I like it!
It fills you with DETERMINATION!
April 10, 2022 - 8 months ago
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