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Blood Mod
More gore has appeared in the basement
Created 8 years ago
Note: This is my first mod i have made. It is not finished and i am uploading it because i would like to begin a new mod and get this one out to others so it wasn't a waste of time.

Main: This mod ads a new look for Isaac. Bombs, coins, keys, chests, hearts, soul hearts, black hearts and eternal hearts are different. The basement and caves have a new look. Your starting blue tears and red tears have also changed a bit.

If you would like me to finish this mod please tell me, i would appreciate it a lot.

Thank you!


x 4

- Soul hearts have more red to them

- Black hearts have more red to them

- New start menu

- New intro cutscene

My stomach will hurt if I play this too much lol
haha i am glad you like playing it
i am going to be making a new mod
some things look bad but apart from that this looks great
if you tell me what doesnt look to great i can try edit that
The red border in the Soul Hearts doesn't look so well with blue.
Could you, persay give the soul heart a tint of red?
April 10, 2022 - 2 years ago
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