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Invisible doors
Working with rebirth and afterbirth
Created 4 years ago


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- Bug fix

I'm surprised that Nicalis didn't make a seed like this.
There needs to be a mod where it makes the curse of the maze effect (The screen shake when you get teleported into another room) go away. That + this mod + the LOST seed + ??? pill + pill duplicater. That would be amazing
I actually really like this idea
now just imagine this without having a map

you'd be in the maze of heck.
Enter this seed for permanent map loss
Curse of the Lost, Curse of the Maze and Curse of the Labyrinth and thiiis... Pretty mindblowing.
This+Curse of The Lost= A really annoying challenge
i can only see this being annoying with curse of the lost
this isnt hard, its just annoying
January 16, 2020 - 9 days ago

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